Mitch: Berry Challenge

PlayStation 4

Mitch: Berry Challenge Trophies

Most Earned

Bramble Master
Bramble Master15TrophyTypeBeat level 9 without receiving any damage.
Iguana Jones
Iguana Jones15TrophyTypeBeat level 6 without receiving any damage.
Just in Time
Just in Time15TrophyTypeBeat level 12 in less than 1 Minute and 49 Seconds.
Beware the bouncy mushrooms
Beware the bouncy mushrooms37TrophyTypeBeat the Extra Level 2 (E2).

Least Earned

Sneaky!37TrophyTypeBeat level 19 without receiving any damage.
Insecticide37TrophyTypeBeat the Final Boss.
I'm seeing pink beetles
I'm seeing pink beetles37TrophyTypeBeat the Extra Level 1 (E1).
Iguanas can be fast too!
Iguanas can be fast too!37TrophyTypeBeat level 34 in less than 2 Minutes and 10 Seconds.
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