2. Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (Vita) General hints and tipsUpdate notes

You have 2 options here, play on Peaceful or on at least Easy. With Peaceful you can get a lot of things out of the way early on but you will need to switch over to Easy or higher for some trophies. Never put the game in creative mode or put on any host privileges as this will disable trophies. You will get a warning message from the game if you are about to select one of these options so you shouldn't need to worry too much about selecting it.

You are going to want to grab as much Diamonds as you can, these can be found at layer 15 and below and can be mined with an Iron Pickaxe or better. You can find out which layer you are on by looking at your map and checking the Y coordinate. Ideally you will want a Diamond Sword, Pickaxe and full set of Diamond Armour. I also recommend an Enchanted Bow with Ininity and Power enchantments. To ensure you get whatever enchantment you want, you can either get lucky and find the enchanted book you need (these can be found in Dungeon chests) or save right before you enchant something then just keep reloading your save until you get what you want.

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To make a potion in a brewing stand you will need to place bottled water (up to 3) in a brewing stand and use a nether wart to turn the bottled water into awkward potions, which are the base potions. Now you are ready to put ingredients in, here is a list of the recipes:

Magma Cream - Fire Resistance
Sugar - Speed
Glistering Melon - Instant Health
Spider Eye - Poison
Ghast Tear - Regeneration
Blaze Powder - Strength
Fermented Spider Eye - Weakness
Golden Carrot - Night Vision

You can also put in some secondary ingredients to change the effects of the potions. Redstone increases the duration, Glowstone Dust increases the potency and Gunpowder turns it into a splash potion.

Also try to gather as much Iron and Gold as possible and try to refrain from using them too much, you will need a lot of them for the On A Rail trophy.

If you have a friend who has defeated the Enderdragon, you do not need to defeat him, you simply need to exit the End Portal as the trophy pops during the credits.

If you are ever unsure of how to make an item just use a crafting table and the recipe is listed under the item you wish to make.

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