Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (Vita)

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Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Taking Inventory
Taking Inventory15TrophyTypeOpen your inventory.
Getting Wood
Getting Wood15TrophyTypePunch a tree until the block of wood pops out.
Benchmarking15TrophyTypeCraft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks.
Time to Mine!
Time to Mine!16TrophyTypeUse planks and sticks to make a pickaxe.

Least Earned

Castaway100TrophyTypeEat nothing but Kelp for 3 days.
Sleep with the Fishes
Sleep with the Fishes197TrophyTypeStay underwater for one full day without using potions.
Alternative Fuel
Alternative Fuel97TrophyTypeUse a Dried Kelp block as fuel in a furnace.
One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four
One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four97TrophyTypePlace four Sea Pickles in one block.
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Minecraft Small Update Adds Egyptian Mythology Mash-Up Pack

The main point of the update is to add compatibility for the "Egyptian Mythology Mash-Up Pack", although there are a handful of other bug fixes too.

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Minecraft Aquatic Update Coming To PlayStation

We have good news and bad news. The Update Aquatic is coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita, but it will also be the last major update we see for the PS3 and Vita versions.

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Minecraft The Update Aquatic Revealed

Mojang has officially revealed new details surrounding Minecraft. 2018 will bring not only new aquatics but also full 4K and HDR support as well.

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The Latest Batch of Updates Detailed for Minecraft

The latest patch for Minecraft comes with a decent list of fixes, changes, additions, and improvements. Check out the list that will be Patch 1.56 for the PS4 and Vita, and Patch 1.57 for the PS3.

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Minecraft Patch Details for PS4, PS3 and Vita

4J Studios released details of Patch 1.55 for Minecraft on Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Vita. The patch is rolling out now.

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