Maximum TrueTrophy10,306Maximum Trophy XP3,2701231103478

Minecraft Trophies

Full list of all 123 Minecraft trophies - 78 bronze, 34 silver, 10 gold and 1 platinum. It takes around 30-35 hours to unlock all of the trophies in the base game on PlayStation 4.

The base game contains 51 trophies, and there are 12 DLC packs containing 72 trophies.

Title update: Expansion Pack 1

Expansion Pack 1

Maximum TrueTrophy588Maximum XP1956123
3.199,7903,243 (33%)1-2 h
Expansion Pack 1
Title update: Expansion Pack 2

Expansion Pack 2

Maximum TrueTrophy699Maximum XP1956123
2.757,4151,813 (24%)0-1 h
Expansion Pack 2
  • The Student...

    Win a public Battle mini game. [Editions Only]

  • ...has become the Master

    Win 3 public Battle mini games in a row. [Editions Only]

  • 'Tis but a scratch

    Take 100 damage in a round of a public Battle game. [Editions Only]

  • Cupid

    Kill 2 players in a round of public Battle mini game using a bow and arrow. [Editions Only]

  • Hunger Pain

    Kill a player while you are starving in a Battle mini game. [Editions Only]

  • Mine!

    Open every chest in a Battle mini game arena in one round. [Editions Only]

Title update: Expansion Pack 3

Expansion Pack 3

Maximum TrueTrophy651Maximum XP1654121
3.505,5681,950 (35%)1-2 h
Expansion Pack 3
Title update: Expansion Pack 4

Expansion Pack 4

Maximum TrueTrophy540Maximum XP165743
3.5816,6841,654 (10%)1-2 h
Expansion Pack 4
Title update: Expansion Pack 5

Expansion Pack 5

Maximum TrueTrophy547Maximum XP150734
2.606,8601,834 (27%)0-1 h
Expansion Pack 5
  • Back from the Dead

    Win 3 rounds in a row after one of the opponents has won 2 rounds. [Editions Only]

  • S-No Throw

    Win a single round of Snowball Tumble without throwing any Snowballs. [Editions Only] [Editions Only]

  • Snow Storm

    Hit a single Player with 25 Snowballs in a single public round. [Editions Only]

  • Hotshot

    Hit a Player with a Snowball while falling into the Lava. [Editions Only]

  • Snowplough

    Push three Players into Lava using Snowballs in a single public round. [Editions Only]

  • Overlord

    Stay on the top layer while winning a round in a Snowball Tumble Mini Game. [Editions Only]

  • Underdog

    Win a Tumble game whilst on the lowest layer in a Snowball Tumble Mini Game. [Editions Only]

Title update: Expansion Pack 6

Expansion Pack 6

Maximum TrueTrophy492Maximum XP150734
3.2012,0041,470 (12%)1-2 h
Expansion Pack 6
Title update: Expansion Pack 7

Expansion Pack 7

Maximum TrueTrophy717Maximum XP1956123
3.506,8841,856 (27%)0-1 h
Expansion Pack 7
Title update: Expansion Pack 8

Expansion Pack 8

Maximum TrueTrophy775Maximum XP1956123
3.5015,5981,271 (8%)1-2 h
Expansion Pack 8
Title update: Expansion Pack 9

Expansion Pack 9

Maximum TrueTrophy769Maximum XP1805122
47,749854 (11%)5-6 h
Expansion Pack 9
Title update: Expansion Pack 10

Expansion Pack 10

Maximum TrueTrophy630Maximum XP1806114
410,4531,747 (17%)1-2 h
Expansion Pack 10
Title update: Expansion Pack 11

Expansion Pack 11

Maximum TrueTrophy1,295Maximum XP180844
2.752,676474 (18%)
Expansion Pack 11
  • Freight Station

    Use a hopper to move an item from a chest minecart to a chest. [Bedrock Only]

  • Smelt Everything!

    Connect three chests to a single furnace using three hoppers. [Bedrock Only]

  • Inception

    Push a piston with a piston, then pull the original piston with that piston. [Bedrock Only]

  • Artificial Selection

    Breed a mule from a horse and a donkey. [Bedrock Only]

  • Rabbit Season

    Cook and eat rabbit meat. [Bedrock Only]

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  • Treasure Hunter

    Acquire a map from a cartographer villager, then enter the revealed structure. [Bedrock Only]

  • Me Gold!

    Dig up a buried treasure. [Bedrock Only]

  • Master Trader

    Trade for 1,000 Emeralds. [Bedrock Only]

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Title update: Expansion Pack 12

Expansion Pack 12

Maximum TrueTrophy601Maximum XP90422
01,601722 (45%)
Expansion Pack 12
  • Time for Stew

    Give someone a suspicious stew. [Bedrock Only]

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  • Bee Our Guest

    Use a Campfire to collect Honey from a Beehive using a Bottle without aggravating the bees. [Bedrock Only]

  • Total Beelocation

    Move and place a Bee Nest, with 3 bees inside, using Silk Touch. [Bedrock Only]

  • Sticky Situation

    Slide down a honey block to slow your fall. [Bedrock Only]

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