Miko Mole

Miko Mole

PlayStation 4

Miko Mole Trophies

Most Earned

Diamond Collector
Diamond Collector16TrophyTypeCollect 25 diamonds in world 4 level 1.
Drowned Out
Drowned Out16TrophyTypeOh dear! You are no fish, you drowned 10 times!
Pure Pacifist
Pure Pacifist16TrophyTypeFinish world 3 level 3 without killing any bats.
Super Combo Combo
Super Combo Combo18TrophyTypeGet over 125000 points on world 2 level 27.

Least Earned

Hold Your Breath
Hold Your Breath28TrophyTypeCollect over 70 diamonds on world 6 level 19.
Glutton for Punishment
Glutton for Punishment28TrophyTypeCollect all 19 diamonds on world 5 level 38.
Assassin's Deed
Assassin's Deed28TrophyTypeKill 10 bats during a single play of world 1 level 24.
Water Mole
Water Mole46TrophyTypeYou should be in the Olympics. You just swam your way through to 3 stars on every level of world 6.
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