Metro Exodus (PS4) Reviews

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    17 Feb 2019
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    Insane to think that Artyom is still alive. He's survived so many battles and he killed more Mutants abd dark ones than humans have killed chickens in human history.

    This is the latest in the series of the series based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro series. Based on Metro 2035 the latest builds on previous experiences in the franchise and makes it somewhat more special.

    Artyom has discovered that there are people living on the surface over his shortwave radio, there's clean air outside. So, determined to prove he's right, goes out daily and ends up getting sick everytime. Eventually this is proved and the elite Spartan Unit he is with, including Colonel Millet and his wife Anna, goes out to find the source.

    What made 2033 and Last Light so good was its ability to bring a clasutrophbic stealth experience to life in the Metro after the nuclear war on the surface. Now, you'd expect that being on the surface Exodus would lose this. Infact, it doesn't. The stealth missions are in incredibly small areas, forcing you to look for crawl spaces and alternative routes through, made much more fun on Ranger Hardcore mode. This mode removes a HUD, and makes damage much more punishing. Also gives you less to create mods and health kits with (although so far I've had enough on the more open levels to really create at least foyr for a new area).

    It seems that being published by Deep Silver has done this wonders. The first of the series fully published by the comoany (the first originally published by THQ and the second was built under THQ before their administration woes), it really shows the faith that Deep Silver have in the franchise. The graphics have never looked better, the voice acting has been stepped up a notch (perhaps by better technology) and gameplay is smoother than the previous two. Gun customisation is still there and you can pick up extra add ons from the guns of fallen enemies to install later on when you're at an crafting station. Collecting chemicals from mutated plants, flasks found in levels and from inside lockers in the world. Also collecting parts from the same kind of places. The annoying thing is that sometimes you have to remember what you need forge these items, as the game sometimes forgets to put the information on screen until you try to unsuccessfully craft the item.

    Where this will please the fans of the books too, Last Light didn't stick to the story of Metro 2034 and it suffered storywise for it. Exodus does a better job of following the basic story of 2035 and is enhanced by it.

    Exodus is probably the best entry in to the games series. Hopefully we may still be able to get more games in the franchise as it keeps getting better and better.
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