Metal Gear Survive Trophies

Full list of all 52 Metal Gear Survive trophies - 42 bronze, 7 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Hero

    Earned all Trophies

  • Dite

    You saw the METAL GEAR SURVIVE title logo

  • The Soldier

    A soldier joined your ranks

  • The Nurse

    A nurse joined your ranks

  • Defender

    You successfully defended your outpost for the first time

  • Digger

    You digged Iris Energy for the first time

  • The Boy

    A boy joined your ranks

  • The Cop

    A police officer joined your ranks

  • Progress

    You finished digging Iris Energy

  • Expansion

    Base Camp's expandable area reached Level 2

  • Construction

    You constructed your first building

  • Education

    You learned your first skill

  • Ability

    Other classes were added

  • Cooperation

    You played a Salvage Mission

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  • Results

    You achieved a performance evaluation for a Salvage Mission

  • Suppression

    You defeated all Boss Creatures

  • Hunt

    You did your first hunt

  • Cook

    You cooked your first meal

  • Harvest

    You did your first harvest

  • Mission

    You completed your first Order

  • Exploration

    Your crew completed their first Dispatch Mission

  • Revival

    You used the Analeptic (Revival Pill) for the first time

  • Proficient

    You raised all skills to their highest level

  • Common Struggle

    You completed every wave in every Salvage Mission

  • Slicer

    You defeated 300 creatures using one-handed weapons

  • Ripper

    You defeated 300 creatures using two-handed weapons

  • Impaler

    You defeated 300 creatures using thrusting weapons

  • Crusher

    You defeated 300 creatures using heavy weapons

  • Marksman

    You defeated 300 creatures using bows

  • Responder

    You defeated 300 creatures using Interceptor Units

  • Protector

    You defeated 300 creatures using Defense Units

  • Iron Wall

    You successfully defended Base Camp with no losses incurred

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  • Rod and Snake

    During Salvage Missions, you revived 30 allies who were near death

  • Locksmith

    You opened a HARD difficulty container flawlessly

  • Comrades in Arms

    You completed 50 Salvage Missions

  • Surveyor

    You explored the entirety of both maps

  • Survivalist

    You survived 140 days, 15 hours without dying

  • Glory

    You earned 30 first place score rankings when completing the final wave in a Salvage Mission

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  • Foodie

    You ate all food

  • Collector

    You obtained all weapons and gear

  • Prosperity

    Thirty crew members are among your ranks

  • Spit

    You skewered 50 creatures using the Foot Press skill

  • Bad Meal

    You fed a metal drum to a Boss Creature

  • Best Buddy

    You defeated 300 creatures using the Auto Turret