Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition Walkthrough

7. Chapter 5: Outer Heaven

The missions in this chapter are a bit different in terms of availability; they're open to you once you finish a few Extra Ops after you completed the previous Main Op. It doesn't matter which ones you do, either; it doesn't have to be any new ones and you can do the same one over and over if you felt like it. You should, of course, be trying to get S Ranks on any new Extra Ops you get; you will have gotten a few from finishing Main Ops 26, and you'll be getting a cluster more of them after each of the Main Ops in Chapter 5. If you don't already have it for some reason, try to have the Hush Puppy tranquilizer developed to Lv3.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker | Chapter 5: Outer Heaven (S Ranks)

Main Ops 27: Zadornov Search Mission

Zadornov is going to be way ahead in Bananal de Fruto: Sorting Shed, so we've got a few areas to sneak through.

El Cenegal: Jungle

There's only one enemy here, near the truck. Either hold him up or tranquilize him and move on to the ravine.

El Cenegal: Ravine

As soon as you enter the area, make an immediate left as soon as you can and you'll come across a rope bridge with a soldier on it. Take care of the soldier and go across.

El Cenegal: Swamp (North)

There will only be two enemies here; one is going up the path to the sorting shed, and another is farther up the path. The second soldier is far enough away so that you won't get spotted as soon as you see him. Once these two are taken care of, you'll be at your destination.

Bananal Fruta de Oro: Sorting Shed

In all of these Zadornov Search Missions, his position will change every time you play the game. Sometimes he's in the small room to the right of the fence, sometimes he's in the small room inside the sorting shed to the west, etc. Naturally, you'll want to search as much as you can without any sort of danger, so tranquilize everyone and then look around for him. Either sneak up on him and hold him up or tranquilize him from farther away and then Fulton him back to Mother Base. The recovery zone will be somewhere close to where you found Zadornov.

My clear time was 02:12.

Clear Unlocks
Extra Ops 008: Marksmanship ChallengeClear Mission
Extra Ops 015: Fulton RecoveryClear Mission
Extra Ops 076: Tank Battle: T-72UClear Mission
Soliton Radar Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
Smoke Grenade (Colored) Design Specs RANK 1El Cenegal: Swamp

Main Ops 28: Zadornov Search Mission 2

Bosque del Alba

Zadornov should be hidden around here somewhere, meaning this will be a fast mission. It might be a good idea to bring night vision goggles or thermal goggles with you if you think you'll have a hard time finding him at night. There are barely any soldiers here for you to worry about, making it even easier for you.

My clear time was 00:37.

Clear Unlocks
Cardboard Box Tank (Smoke Shell) Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
Extra Ops 019: Target DemolitionClear Mission
Extra Ops 039: Base DefenseClear Mission
Extra Ops 112: AI Weapon Battle: Pupa Type IIClear Mission
Cardboard Box Tank (Smoke Shell) Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission

Main Ops 29: Zadornov Search Mission 3

Selva de la Leche: Jungle

You're going to have to do a lot of sneaking around, unlike the last mission. In this area are three enemies. One is hiding out by a ledge near the start of the area, and two are behind trees later on the path.

Selva de la Leche: Hillside

There are also three enemies here, the first of which is behind a very large tree to the west. The two others should be visible from the location of the first and can be taken care of pretty easily. Take the left route towards the bottom of the cliff, since going through the other Catarata de la Muerte will just take longer.

Selva de la Muerte: Bottom of Cliff

Two snipers are hiding out in these ruins. The one that'll give you the most trouble is on that ledge at the very back of the area, so try to spot him and headshot him from as far away as you can. The other sniper is set up to the west and shouldn't be any problem, but if you want to extract him due to snipers' high stats, feel free to do so.

Selva de la Muerte: Top of Cliff

There are two snipers here, too, both of which are on the upper ledge at the back. Try to find them and take them out as soon as you can; Zadornov should be in this area somewhere; he might also be leaned up against a wall, so look around everywhere until you find him.

My clear time was 06:22, but only because I went further into the next area to look for him. At least you know you have plenty of time to find him.

Clear Unlocks
Extra Ops 016: Fulton RecoveryClear Mission
Extra Ops 021: Cargo Truck DemolitionClear Mission
Extra Ops 033: Claymore DisarmamentClear Mission
Extra Ops 086: Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24DClear Mission
Box Bomb Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission

Main Ops 30: Zadornov Search Mission 4

Camino de Lava: Hillside

There are only a few guards in here, and you want to get to Aldea los Despiertos, so take care of them as efficiently as possible.

Camino de Lava: Junction

Two ground troops are walking around aimlessly, as well as a sniper on the cliff to the right of the train cars. Tranquilize them and head north to the village.

Aldea los Despiertos

A handful of guards are walking around the houses; if you want to minimize your odds of causing an alert, just make a quick round through the houses neutralizing the soldiers. Zadornov is going to be inside one of the houses with the blue doors, much like Chico was in Chapter 1, except Zadornov is going to be breathing very heavily. Listen for it when you're next to a house and then investigate the door to find him.

My clear time was 02:31.

Clear Unlocks
Extra Ops 040: Base DefenseClear Mission
Extra Ops 057: PaparazziClear Mission
Extra Ops 063: Pooyan MissionClear Mission
Extra Ops 114: AI Weapon Battle: Chrysalis Type IIClear Mission
M21 Design Specs RANK 3Clear Mission
M1C (PR) Design Specs RANK 3Camino de Lava: Hillside

Main Ops 31: Zadornov Search Mission 5

Aldea los Despiertos

Only a single enemy is standing in front of the exit towards Los Cantos, so just tranquilize him from where you're standing and continue on.

Los Cantos: Canyon

Once you get here, you'll spot two soldiers on top of the broken bridge. Tranquilize both of them before hopping down to the lower section, because they'll cause problems if you don't.

Los Cantos: Ridge

Two enemies here are the only problem; the first guy will be pretty close to where you're coming in from, so be careful. The second one will be next to the truck. Once they're dealt with, continue up the path to the fortress.

Fuerte la Ladera

There are about four guards standing on top of the fortress walls, and getting too close is sure to make them spot you. Keep firing Hush Puppy rounds into them until all of them pass out; it'll take a while since soldiers will wake up their sleeping comrades, but it's the best way to do it without taking any risks. You're most likely going to need to use a supply drop. If your suppressor wears out, you can still do this as long as you're far away enough from the fortress. Should a soldier pass out while climbing down a ladder, it will kill him, but it won't count as though you killed him, so you'll be fine. Once everything's been taken care of, run into the crater base and look at the trucks.

Interactive Cutscene

You might be wondering which one of these trucks would have Zadornov in it. Luckily for us, Zadornov is an idiot and hid in the one truck that has Russian on the license plate.

My clear time was 04:33.

Clear Unlocks
Extra Ops 034: Claymore DisarmamentClear Mission
Extra Ops 036: Hold UpClear Mission
Extra Ops 060: Dead Man's TreasureClear Mission
Extra Ops 116: AI Weapon Battle: Cocoon Type IIClear Mission
Rescue Box Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
Smoke Box Design Specs RANK 1Aldea Los Despiertos

Main Ops 32: Zadornov Search Mission 6

Miner's Residence

Since this area is basically isolated from any other area Zadornov would be able to successfully hide in, he's fortunately restricted to the small space that is the miner's residence. Climb up to the roof to get a good view around the place, and tranquilize as many guards as you can from up there. Zadornov is hiding in a Love Box somewhere; try checking the sides of the building immediately to the left of where you started the mission first, and then look around the other places.

My clear time was 01:02.

Clear Unlocks
Extra Ops 017: Fulton RecoveryClear Mission
Extra Ops 043: Defend Key SuppliesClear Mission
Extra Ops 118: AI Weapon Battle: Peace Walker Type IIClear Mission
PB/6P9 Design Specs RANK 3Clear Mission

Extra Ops 001: Target Practice: No Limit

This mission requires you to have at least one part equipped for every part of ZEKE, including all optional parts except armor. Mother Base also needs to have a Lv2 Mission Support team, which you can see in the Mother Base Data in the Database on the main menu. More on how to level up your Mother Base areas is on the Mother Base page. If you try to do this mission before Kaz says that Zadornov has escaped his cell yet again, nothing will happen and the Extra Op will play out like normal.

Mother Base: Shooting Range

Once Kaz calls you again to tell you that Zadornov has escaped his cell for the seventh time, you'll find him on the second floor of the shooting range in Extra Ops 001. The stairs should be on either side of you when the mission starts.

Clear Unlocks
Main Ops 33: ZEKE BattleClear Mission

Before you go and fight ZEKE, go into the Metal Gear section in the main menu and make sure the armor is unequipped. Everything else has to be equipped, unfortunately. You should also get a trophy, which you can also just get after the fight whenever.

Launched ZEKE

Complete Metal Gear ZEKE.

Launched ZEKE

Main Ops 33: ZEKE Battle

Mother Base: Deck

Get ready for the best fight of this game, and a surprisingly good Japanese pop song (written by Kaz and Paz together) called Love Deterrence, which makes the fight seem like an ultimate showdown. Paz is going to go all-out on you with ZEKE and will launch a nuke if you fail, so don't fail.

Wear the battle dress, which raises your defense and allows you to bring a third weapon. Take with you two of the best missile launchers you have, one of which is most likely the LAW Lv3, and for the third weapon bring the pistol supply marker. For sub-weapons, bring chaff grenades and whatever else you feel like. The only items you really need to worry about are rations and other food items.

Basically, fire at the big orange dome (ZEKE's equivalent of an AI Pod) the whole time, calling in supply drops when you run out of ammo. There are a few computer terminals on the edge of the battlefield; one initiates a missile barrage at ZEKE (until Paz decides to destroy them), and one releases a large supply drop for you. Both require a bit of recharge time. Overall, it's not all too complicated a fight, but it sure feels great. Be sure to throw a chaff grenade at some point when ZEKE is on the main deck for a trophy.

I'm dead serious

Threw a chaff grenade at ZEKE (single player only).

I'm dead serious

My clear time was 07:28.

Clear Unlocks
Extra Ops 009: Marksmanship ChallengeClear Mission
Extra Ops 023: Eliminate Enemy SoldiersClear Mission
Extra Ops 044: Defend Key SuppliesClear Mission
Extra Ops 045: Perfect StealthClear Mission
Extra Ops 058: PaparazziClear Mission
Extra Ops 064: Pooyan MissionClear Mission
Extra Ops 085: Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24A CustomClear Mission
Extra Ops 096: Tank Battle: KPz 70 CustomClear Mission
Extra Ops 104: Armored Vehicle Battle: LAV-Type G CustomClear Mission
Extra Ops 113: AI Weapon Battle: Pupa CustomClear Mission
Extra Ops 120: Metal Gear ZEKE - Mock BattleClear Mission
Stealth Mat Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
Stealth Gun Design Specs RANK 2Clear Mission

Outer Heaven

Cleared Chapter 5: Outer Heaven.

Outer Heaven

After finally getting an S Rank on all of the Main Ops, you should get these two trophies out of the way.


Cleared all MAIN OPS missions at Rank A or higher.



Cleared all MAIN OPS missions at Rank S.


Now, all that should remain are Extra Ops; I highly recommend getting an S Rank on Extra Ops 120 first, because improving the AI Board to ZEKE any more than you have to is going to make that fight much harder.

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