Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition Walkthrough

6. Chapter 4: The Illusion of Peace

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker | Chapter 4: The Illusion of Peace (S Ranks)

Main Ops 23: Infiltrate the U.S. Missile Base

Back Gate

When you start the mission, there will be a kidnapper scanning the area past a fence. Don't shoot this one, because it'll only cause the guards to be suspicious and give you more trouble than it was worth. Bring chaff grenades instead, and naturally bring the support marker.

Take the turn right and you'll find a guard walking a bit. Let him continue walking, and tranquilize the guy next to the railing above. Then, hold the first guard up so you're not wasting ammo. Down the hall is the area where the kidnapper was scanning for trespassers, except by now it should be underneath you in the passage below. Wait for it to move about halfway through the passage before throwing the chaff grenade so you have enough time to get through before it reactivates and spots you. Shooting it will result in the guards going into search mode.

This last area just has two more enemies in it. You might be able to spot one from your position, so take care of him before moving up the ladder. Getting to the exit can be done without dealing with the last guard, but go ahead if you feel like it.

Small Maintenance Dock

There are three guards in here, along with a kidnapper, and you should be able to spot most if not all of them from around the starting position. Try to tranquilize all the guards, and then you'll be free to shoot down the kidnapper. With the coast clear, walk across to the upper platform on the other side of the room to reach the next area.


Make a right and you'll find a single guard up ahead. Tranquilize him and move to his position, where you should see the other two guards across the gap. Fire two shots into one of them, and after a few seconds he should pass out. This will cause the second soldier to come out and investigate, which is the best opportunity to tranquilize him. With all the guards taken care of, use another chaff grenade and shoot down the kidnapper.

Fall down the height of the ladder and make your way up the one on the other side. Then dive through a window, and the exit will be just up ahead.

My clear time was 03:56.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 24: Head to the Control TowerClear Mission

Main Ops 24: Head to the Control Tower


Everyone knows you're here, so don't worry about being spotted. Tranquilize the guards as fast as you can (don't forget the sniper to the right) and shoot down the kidnapper, and then make your way to the other side of the roof. There should be two more guards near the stairs to the maintenance dock for you to take care of, too.

Small Maintenance Dock

The first thing you want to do is shoot down the kidnapper. This is because it might fall and kill someone, which won't count as a kill for you. One of the enemies will actually come upstairs to shoot you, so get ready for him. Once he's down, go downstairs and tranquilize the rest of the enemies. You might want to get a supply drop in before moving on to the next area.

Main Maintenance Dock

Again, shoot down the kidnapper in front of you to the right, and hopefully, it will kill a guy. There are also two explosive barrels on the two walkways above; shoot those to make things even easier. All that's left are the remaining guards and another kidnapper. However, at the end of this maintenance dock is a soldier with a missile launcher. The missiles are very easy to dodge at even medium range, so tranquilizing him shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Definitely get a supply drop in before moving to the next area, since you won't be able to get any in there.


In here, three guards and a kidnapper will be firing at you with bullets and missiles. If you bring stun grenades, it might take two of them to actually knock them out. However, this isn't really necessary as long as you keep moving forward. Once you get close enough, another soldier and missile guy will appear from in front, posing as the last challenge in this area. Take the elevator to the right once the coast is clear.


This final area consists of a sizable amount of guards and a helicopter. Don't worry about the helicopter for now, just tranquilize all the guards. Don't be afraid to step outside to receive a supply drop if you run out of Hush Puppy ammo.

When the soldiers are down, the helicopter will start to focus on you. There's a minigun nearby, too, and this is definitely the fastest way to defeat the helicopter. For whatever reason, the helicopter won't count as a kill either, so fire away until it falls.

The last obstacle will be about five more soldiers coming in from where you need to go. A few will have rocket launchers, so be prepared as you slowly tranquilize each one. When they're all asleep, run past them to the end of the level. It might take a few seconds for the soldiers to officially be "defeated" since the game gives them a bit more time for you to do what you want with them.

My clear time was 08:02.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 25: Peace Walker Battle 2Clear Mission

Main Ops 25: Peace Walker Battle 2

This time, the fight against Peace Walker is going to be a lot more challenging than before. Bring the battle dress, supply markers, and the best missiles you can carry, as well as the best chaff grenades you have.


Peace Walker will be preparing to fire a nuke, giving you a bit of time to activate its defenses and stop the launch. Run over to the left side of the runway and get really close to Peace Walker so that you can see the AI Pod. Launch as many missiles as you can into it before it starts to move. PW can now jump like you would not believe, and charge around the runway like a bull. To make things even tougher, the flamethrower is actually problematic now due to its increased range.

Sometimes a glowing orange ring will activate around the circular head of PW. This is an EMP field, and it redirects all of your shots. To stop the EMP, just toss a chaff grenade and take advantage of the situation by launching as many missiles as you can. After you understand Peace Walker's attacks, it's really just the same game: focus on the AI Pod to deal more damage. This is made a bit easier by how it will return to launch sequence every once in a while, giving you a free two or three attacks on the AI Pod.

My clear time was 10:45.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 26: Peace Walker Battle 3Clear Mission

Basilisk Eater

Defeated Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon, Peace Walker.

Basilisk Eater

Main Ops 26: Peace Walker Battle 3


All that you really do is keep attacking Peace Walker with missiles here. It won't retaliate, but make sure to get the legs so they change color to look more destroyed, as well as the box-shaped piece on Peace Walker's left side. You'll know when the fight ends. There isn't a rank for this mission, so just enjoy the cutscenes.

Mission Unlocks
Extra Ops 014: Fulton RecoveryClear Mission
Extra Ops 067: Date with PazClear Mission
Extra Ops 103: Armored Vehicle Battle: LAV-Type GClear Mission
TuxedoClear Mission

The Illusion of Peace

Cleared Chapter 4: The Illusion of Peace.

The Illusion of Peace

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