Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition Walkthrough

5. Chapter 3: A Nation Reborn

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker | Chapter 3: A Nation Reborn (S Ranks)

Main Ops 16: Travel to the Mine Base

Miner's Residence

This is going to be one of the easiest Main Ops in the game. There are about five guards in the Miner's Residence, and all you have to do to finish the mission is get to the next area. In front of you, there should be a ladder. Past it is a turn to the left; take that turn and you'll come across two of the guards. Take them out and continue forwards. You could easily sneak past the remaining buildings and guards to finish the level, but if you want to be safe, two more of them will be on your right. One will be on the roof of a building, and one patrols a bit far away from you, so he shouldn't be too much of a problem.

My clear time was 01:02.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 17: Eliminate the GuardsClear Mission
Extra Ops 053: Clearing EscapeClear Mission
Assassin's Straw BoxLeap of Faith

Sometime later, you'll want to replay this mission and go up a ladder on one of the buildings near the end of the mission, close to where the roof soldier is. On top of the roof with a ladder, you should see a small gap between where you are and the roof of another building. Roll over the gap to reach it, and climb up onto the main elevated portion of the roof. At the end will be some straw and bird droppings, and Kaz will tell you that you can dive into the straw below with cn_T.

The Assassin's Straw Box is just like a normal cardboard box, except you can knock people out very quickly when they're nearby. If you meet the development requirements for it, which you can check in the R&D section after the mission, your team will produce one box per mission from now on.

Leap of Faith in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition
Bronze Trophy
Performed a Leap of Faith.
  • Unlocked by 3,236 tracked gamers (29% - TT Ratio = 1.86) 11,264

Main Ops 17: Eliminate the Guards

Mining Pit

There's going to be 24 guards that attack you in waves, along with a few kidnappers. Some will use sniper rifles, some will use missile launchers, and some will run up to your position with assault rifles. You could try using the Mosin-Nagant to tranquilize the snipers and the missile launcher guys, but I found it easier to just use the Hush Puppy to knock them out. Bring a support supply marker too, since you'll definitely need more ammo. You can use lethal bullets to destroy the kidnappers since those don't count as kills. If they kill enemies underneath them when they explode, that's fine too; they won't count as kills either.

My clear time was 05:37.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 18: Cocoon BattleClear Mission
Extra Ops 029: Item CaptureClear Mission
Extra Ops 080: Tank Battle: KPz 70Clear Mission

Main Ops 18: Cocoon Battle

Mining Pit

This should be pretty straightforward now that you've faced off against the Pupa and the Chrysalis. For the fastest S-Rank, aim primarily at the AI Pod. Definitely bring support markers for this, since missile launchers hardly come with any ammo.

Once you reduce the Cocoon's health to about four bars worth, it'll charge into a wall and a ladder will drop on the side. Climb it, and climb another one nearby to reach the very top of the Cocoon (be wary of guns all across the path to the top). At the top of the Cocoon will be two heavy miniguns, which can easily be avoided, and the AI Pod. Blast the AI Pod and hop inside when it's cracked open.

My clear time was 04:26.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 19: Infiltrate the Underground BaseClear Mission
Extra Ops 031: Classified Document RetrievalClear Mission

Main Ops 19: Infiltrate the Underground Base

AI Weapon Hangar

Quickly move out onto the walkway so that you can see a group of soldiers to the right, preparing to scout out the area. Toss a stun grenade at them to knock all of them out simultaneously, allowing you to safely hop over the railing and get into the elevator behind them.

Underground Passage A

All that you have to do here is keep moving forward; the guards in here should be easy enough to spot, so just tranquilize them when you see them.

Underground Passage B

There should be a guard in a doorway in front of you to the left. You're going to want to go in there, so tranquilize him. From inside there, you should be able to see one or two more soldiers way out in front, one with a shield. If the shield guy is facing you, you can just shoot at his feet to knock him out. After the coast is clear, continue forward towards the closed metal gate. You'll have to mash cn_T to open it, and when it's open move forward with cn_LSu to continue to the Peace Walker Hangar.

Interactive Cutscene

This cutscene is going to last you about 50 seconds, but it's actually not as bad as the one from Main Ops 14. This is because you have enough time to react to each button command to press it to continue; the only problems you might have is pressing the wrong direction on the D-Pad, but this mission isn't that long and tedious to replay anyway.

My clear time was 02:53.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 20: Torture Chamber EscapeClear Mission

This mission is also the perfect place to get the CQC Quick Shot trophy out of the way. With that initial cluster of guards totaling up to exactly six, you won't have to go deep into this mission every single attempt. Just bring some smoke grenades, toss one at the group, roll over the rails, and start slamming. This might take a few tries, though, because some of the enemies you CQC might be slammed into others.

CQC Six Shot in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition
Bronze Trophy
Performed CQC six times in a row.
  • Unlocked by 2,766 tracked gamers (25% - TT Ratio = 2.01) 11,264

Main Ops 20: Torture Chamber Escape

Torture Chamber

The beginning cutscenes start with you mashing cn_T while Snake makes a ridiculous noise. The three times this happens and the cutscenes around them won't affect your mission time, so you can easily get an S-Rank your first time through.

The fastest way out is to have Dr. Strangelove's ID Card and open the cell with the right timing. I'm not sure if you would have the card if you don't S-Rank Main Ops 19; you definitely snatch it at the end of the interactive cutscene. Once you're out, CQC slam the guard at the corner on the right (hold a direction on cn_LS while pressing cn_R2), and then move forward towards the door on the wall at the end of the next hallway. That's the end of the mission.

My clear time was 01:03.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 21: Head for Peace Walker's HangarClear Mission
Extra Ops 054: Snake Gear RetrievalClear Mission

Main Ops 21: Head for Peace Walker's Hangar

This mission is pretty much exactly like Main Ops 19, the only change is guard placement.

AI Weapon Hangar

The guards aren't clustered together like last time, unfortunately, but it's still really easy to get to the elevator. I'm not sure if hitting the elevator button makes it come up faster like it does in MGS2, but it wouldn't hurt.

Underground Passage A

Like before, the guards should be pretty easy to spot and tranquilize. Not too many problems here.

Underground Passage B

If you have trouble with the shield guy you can always try to get closer or just fire at his legs to make him pass out. It's still pretty much the same. Fortunately, the door at the end of the hallway is already open, so you don't have to pull it up again. If your curiosity gets the best of you, there are stairs near the end of the hallway that takes you to the upper floor, where some prisoners are.

My clear time was 01:31.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 22: Peace Walker BattleClear Mission

Main Ops 22: Peace Walker Battle

Mining Pit

This plays out just like the other AI Weapon missions, just aim primarily for the AI Pod and call in support supply drops when you need them. The flamethrower is completely useless due to its short range, and its mine burst things are easily avoidable by hiding under Peace Walker. This thing won't be so easy to defeat next time.

Interactive Cutscene

There are three parts to this cutscene; messing up means you have to do this mission again, of course. The first part consists of dodging the easily dodge-able missiles coming from Peace Walker. Mashing and not-mashing cn_T changes your position on the screen. After that is a forest sequence, in which you mash cn_T constantly but have to move left or right on the D-Pad to avoid falling trees. The final sequence is a harder version of the first, with tons of missiles coming down. You'll have to figure out where a safe spot is going to be and make sure you get there with The Boss' horse.

My clear time was 03:50.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 23: Infiltrate the U.S. Missile BaseClear Mission
Extra Ops 038: Base DefenseClear Mission
Battle DressClear Mission

A Nation Reborn in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition
Bronze Trophy
Cleared Chapter 3: A Nation Reborn. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 5,898 tracked gamers (52% - TT Ratio = 1.38) 11,264

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