Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition Walkthrough

4. Chapter 2: The Phantom Hero

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker | Chapter 2: The Phantom Hero (S Ranks)

Main Ops 11: Travel to the Cloud Forest

In this mission will be several enemy soldiers who are hidden very well with camouflage. I’ll try to explain their position as best I can.

Selva de la Leche: Jungle

First, skip a cutscene. From the start, move forward and go up a ledge to the left. On this ledge are three logs. Position yourself between the 2nd and 3rd log, and there should be a tree between them on the right side of the area. If you look closely, there should be an enemy crouching behind it. Shoot him and move all the way to the end of this upper ledge before jumping down. This is important because if you don’t a guard right beneath that second log will spot you.

Moving on, climb the ledge to the right, and stay away from the tree on this ledge. There will be a soldier that’s easier to see behind it, so sneak up to him and use the stun rod. There shouldn’t be any more enemies to give you trouble, so move to the next area.

Selva de la Leche: Hillside

Drop down off this ledge and move to the right side of the area. Past a soldier scarecrow will be a log, and if you look closely, a guard on his stomach will be right next to it. Sneak up slowly behind him and use the stun rod on him; if you fire at him with the Mk. 22, he’ll just get up to turn around and spot you.

Directly across from this log will be a tree with another soldier behind it. Tranquilize him with the Mk. 22, because he should be looking straight at you, but still unable to see you if you’ve been stealthy enough after stunning the previous enemy. After these two enemies are asleep, it will now be safe to crouch-walk to the next area. Don’t walk normally, because there’s one last guy, but he’s too far away to bother ourselves with. Skip the next cutscene.

My clear time was 01:17.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 12: Attack Chopper Battle: MI-24AClear Mission
Extra Ops 028: Item CaptureClear Mission
Ballistic Shield Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission

Main Ops 12: Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24A

Catarata de la Muerte

There will be four or five waves of enemies for you to extract. If your Fulton devices are as developed as possible (without trading highly ranked soldiers from your friends), you should only be able to carry about 12 of them. That, of course, only allows you to extract three, so the game has placed two sets of Fulton devices in the area for you to pick up. Their locations are kind of hard to describe in words, but they're not hard in any way to find.

After extracting all of the enemies, the commander will stick his head out the window. The problem, unlike the two previous vehicle battles, is that this guy is a very small target, very far away, in a much faster-moving vehicle. You should eventually manage to knock him out. If you run out of Hush Puppy ammo, use a support strike marker, which you should've obtained from a previous Main Op.

At the end of this mission, you should receive the sneaking suit, which can come in handy when trying to S-Rank missions later on.

My clear time was 07:33.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 13: Head for the LabClear Mission
Extra Ops 051: Obstacle DemolitionClear Mission
Sneaking SuitClear Mission
FIM-43 Design Specs RANK 3Clear Mission

Main Ops 13: Head for the Lab

Catarata de la Muerte

There's nothing in this area for you here, so just head towards the next area, which should be to the left of where you start in this mission.

Selva de la Muerte: Bottom of Cliff

Only one enemy is in this area, and he's in a ghillie suit on the other side. He's on an upper area to the right; if you can't find him, slowly moving forward should make him stupidly say something to himself, which should be good enough for you to find out where he is.

Selva de la Muerte: Top of Cliff

Stick to the right side of this area, and you should find a prisoner in a small little room. Continue moving north and look to the east to find a small walkway. Go up here to reach the next area. However, if you want some strong soldiers for your Mother Base, there's another ghillie suit soldier on the edge of the walkway you're on, closer to the east. This is why you stuck to the eastern wall; this guy is looking westward and would have spotted you otherwise.

Ruinas de Xochiquetzal

When you enter this area, a lot of long cutscene stuff will play, introducing you to a new main character. After you skip them, you should see one guard right in front of you. Tranquilize him and move further into the ruins, where you should see two soldiers near each other, and one behind the one to the north. Tranquilize them, and continue straight ahead to reach the last area. Once you get there, a cutscene will start for you to skip, and you'll have finished the mission.

My clear time was 02:05.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 14: Locate the ID CardClear Mission
Support Strike Marker (Thrown) Design Specs RANK 2Clear Mission
Support Supply Marker Design Specs RANK 3Clear Mission

Main Ops 14: Locate the ID Card

You're going to want to find a guy in an orange jacket. He can appear in three areas: Selva de Muerte: Bottom of Cliff, Selva de Leche: Hillside, or Selva de Leche: Jungle, so you'll have to backtrack to those areas and then come all the way back to the AI Laboratory. This mission can take a few tries to S-Rank, so to make it worth your while, Fulton any snipers you come across; they should have a pretty high Intel rank from what you should have at this point.

Ruinas de Xochiquetzal

Since you're going back the way you came, there will be two guards with their backs towards you. If you walk up to them slow enough (or are wearing the sneaking suit), you can hold them up to save some ammo. A third guy will be a bit past this little area, near a small wall. He's probably pretty easy to skip, but if you want to play it safe and take care of him too, you should have enough time.

Selva de la Muerte: Top of Cliff

Go to the right side of this area, and you'll be able to see a soldier in the middle near a tree with his back towards you. Take care of him and look a bit south of where he was, there should be a sniper laying on the ground too. Another little duo is up ahead, with the normal soldier near a rock wall on your left, and a sniper behind a corner of a rock wall.

Selva de la Muerte: Bottom of Cliff

Stand around on the rock platform near where you entered this area from. On your left in the distance will be another sniper. Move over to his position and you should be able to see another sniper on the right side of the area as well. He's right next to the entryway to an area of Selva de la Leche, so move over to him and walk up the collapsed brick to get there. You could go to Catarata de la Muerte, as the guy you're looking for may be in this area, but there's technically at least a 2/3 chance that he's not there. Even if he is, replaying this mission for an S Rank isn't too detrimental to your time playing the game.

Selva de la Leche: Hillside

Upon entering from this direction, look to the left around the rock in front of you and take out this guard. If the orange jacket guy is in this area, he's most likely going to be behind a tree, in the same enemy layout as the earlier Main Ops in this chapter. If he isn't here, knock out or hold up the rest of the soldiers and move on to the jungle. If you find him here, begin your trek back to the AI Laboratory. Nobody should remain to cause an alarm now if you've taken care of everyone.

Selva de la Leche: Jungle

The only enemy in this area is the orange jacket guy if he wasn't in the past two areas. He's going to be near a tree with his back towards you, which makes things very simple. Tranquilize him and do a body check on him with cn_T, but make sure your Fulton devices aren't equipped. After taking the card, start heading back to the AI Laboratory. Nobody should remain to cause an alarm now if you've taken care of everyone.

AI Laboratory

This isn't actually a physical area in this mission, but a bunch of cutscenes happens here. Skip them, and you'll eventually end up inside an AI pod of none other than The Boss, Snake's mentor. Nothing you do in here matters; the timer will stop when there are five seconds remaining, and you'll be moved into what's considered the hardest cutscene in the game. Not to say that's saying much.

Interactive Cutscene

There are four sequences to this flashback memory from the events of MGS3. The button commands will be listed below.

Sequence 1: cn_L2

Sequence 2: cn_L2 cn_R2 cn_R2

Sequence 3: cn_L2 cn_R2 cn_right

Sequence 4: cn_T cn_left cn_R2

An important note to make is that in the fourth sequence, cn_left and cn_R2 are pressed immediately next to each other, so be ready for that. If you mess up or are too slow for any part of this sequence, then that sequence will reset, and you definitely won't get your S-Rank. To make any failed attempts you might have worth something, Fulton every single sniper you come across because they should have a high Intel compared to what you should have now.

My clear time was 07:47.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 15: Chrysalis BattleClear Mission
Extra Ops 013: Fulton RecoveryClear Mission

Main Ops 15: Chrysalis Battle

AI Laboratory

The Chrysalis fight can be annoying your first time through. It seems to be able to dodge missiles, which wastes your precious ammo, and it sends little flying drones called kidnappers after you. These, if you let them approach you, will pick you up for a short while, in which you'll have to move cn_LS to escape. With only a few well-placed LAW Lv3 missiles, the Chrysalis will fall, but that's going to be hard since it keeps flying around. Try not to worry about health, and instead just tank the hits while you finally get to aim at the Chrysalis; four rations worth of health should be enough to get you through all its attacks.

My clear time was 05:53, but after a second attempt, I finished the mission in 02:37 with the same equipment.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 16: Travel to the Mine BaseClear Mission
Extra Ops 052: Eliminate the KidnappersClear Mission
Extra Ops 088: Attack Chopper Battle: AH56A-BomberClear Mission
Carl Gustav M2 Design Specs RANK 2Clear Mission
Support Strike Marker Design Specs RANK 3Clear Mission

The Phantom Hero

Cleared Chapter 2: The Phantom Hero.

The Phantom Hero
Online/Offline - These trophies can be obtained in either an online or offline mode.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

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