Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition Walkthrough

3. Chapter 1: A Country Without An Army

All of these missions should be fairly straightforward to complete, but if you're new to the series these S-Rank descriptions should help you get a good feel for the game. The descriptions can naturally be followed on your first run-through of each mission, but you may have to do it more than once if you don't skip the cutscenes for the story. I highly recommend not skipping all the cutscenes your first time through a mission, so you can enjoy the story.

I will also include what my completion time was for each mission, so you know what you should be finishing each mission around. Obviously, you don’t have to be as fast as there is some leeway, but it should help gauge how fast it can be done in and what you should strive for. Links to videos for each chapter will be placed around the top of each Main Ops page, just in case you wanted to see how to do something in particular; each video will list the weapons I used in each mission at the end screen every time if that interests you or if you're stuck.

The lists of items you receive after completing a Main Op will reflect how to obtain the items. Some will be given to you for simply completing the mission, while others have to be found in the areas listed next to them.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker | Chapter 1: A Country Without an Army (S Ranks)

Main Ops 01: Opening/Investigate the Supply Facility

The first thing you’re going to want to get used to is skipping cutscenes. In this game (like in The Phantom Pain), cutscenes will count toward your total time, so get used to skipping them whenever possible.

The first cutscene will begin after the Konami title. Skip it, and you’ll move on to the training session which you should also skip. After the training session will be three more cutscenes, so skip through these as well.

Playa del Alba

You should now be on the beach; equip your grenades using cn_R1 (you should already have some) and throw one at the gate on the other side of the beach, then walk through to the next area. Following this will be three more cutscenes.

Bosque del Alba

Curve left, then keep moving straight until you reach a fork in the path. Turn left again and keep going until you transition to the next area.

Puerto del Alba

After Snake finishes making cover behind the yellow container, go ahead and walk all the way to the left corner on the other side of the area, and you should see one enemy way at the other end, across from you. Tranquilize him and get close to where he was. You should see someone up by the balcony of the building; tranquilize him too and go upstairs to find the end marker at the entrance to the building on the left.

Interactive Cutscene

The next cutscene will be interactive, meaning you can’t skip it until your part is done. You’re going to want to mash cn_R2 until it registers once, then move to mashing cn_T to make little work of the guard’s strength. Go back to mashing cn_R2 until he’s been knocked out. As TJ Chrysalis 6000 starts to fly away, you can skip the next cutscene to finish the mission.

My clear time was 02:11.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 02: Contact the Sandinista ComandanteClear Mission
Extra Ops 010: Fulton RecoveryClear Mission
M1C Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
Smoke Grenade Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission

An Army Without Borders

Cleared Prologue: An Army Without Borders.

An Army Without Borders

After this, you should learn how to work Mother Base; more on that can be found in the appropriate page in the walkthrough. At this point, I recommend going through Extra Ops 010 a few times to build up a decent R&D Team before continuing. It's up to you, of course, but having a higher R&D team early on in the game helps out a lot. In fact, I went and finished that mission 50 times, because each time the target is a C-Rank R&D guy, so my R&D shot up to Lv52 before I even started Main Ops 02.

Main Ops 02: Contact the Sandinista Comandante

You’ll start right off the bat in the mission zone; no cutscenes to skip in the beginning. If you haven’t learned this already, here’s how crouching and movement works; enemies will still be able to detect you if you’re crouching and moving too fast. By pushing lighter on cn_LS, you can move slower to avoid detection. One problem with this is that you’ll only move at the speed at which the enemies walk, so you’ll never catch up to one until he stops. To solve this problem, you can move faster when you’re really close to an enemy, then stun them using the stun rod. This will only alert them with a blue exclamation point above their head, and before they have a red one, you should’ve already stunned them.

El Cenegal: Jungle

There will be two guards by a truck up ahead. Sneak up to the first one and use the stun rod on him, then move to the second guard after he stops walking. Directly ahead will be the path to the next area.

El Cenegal: Ravine

There will be no enemies here, so move forward and to the right to reach the next area.

El Cenegal: Swamp (South)

Far up ahead will be an enemy. Try to tranquilize him with a headshot from behind cover, and then turn your attention to the water. There will be two more enemies up ahead on the left. One of them will begin to walk away from the other; this is your chance to take out the one that’s remaining at his post. Tranquilize him and keep moving forward to reach the boathouse.

Río del Jade

You need to tranquilize all six guards in the area. Four will be on the ground, three of which will be moving. The fourth guard will be standing in front of a building near the guard tower. Look up at the guard tower to find the fifth enemy, and the sixth will be walking inside the boathouse. The game will take a while to register that all the enemies are down, but after they are, just stand inside the boathouse. You’ll then be treated with a mission-complete cutscene, which is unskippable but short.

Interactive Cutscene

There will first be a single cutscene to skip. Then you move on to the real stuff. Position the rocket launcher so that the drones are in the center of the rectangle, and then fire with cn_R2. After both drones are down, a large mech will appear in the sky. There will be a notably red section, with a sort of cylinder-like structure with a red dot underneath said red section. Aim for this cylinder. This missile is supposed to miss; I’m not sure what happens if you aim elsewhere, but aiming for the cylinder (its AI pod) will definitely net you a 10/10 on the cutscene.

My clear time was 03:15.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 03: Pursue AmandaClear Mission
Extra Ops 001: Target Practice: No LimitClear Mission
Extra Ops 003: Target Practice: Score AttackClear Mission
M1911A1 Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
LAW RANK 1Clear Mission

Main Ops 03: Pursue Amanda

Río del Jade

After the events of the last mission, a bunch of enemies have come into the area to investigate. The simplest solution to escaping the area is to turn around, which reveals a path to El Senegal: Jungle.

El Cenegal: Jungle

There will be two guards in front of a truck, which should be familiar from the last mission. Knock them out with your tranquilizer and head north up the dirt road.

El Cenegal: Ravine

One soldier should be directly in front of you; knock him out (or hold him up by approaching him slowly), and make an immediate left from where he once stood. This path leads to a rope bridge with another enemy on it. Across the rope bridge will be the next area.

El Cenegal: Swamp (North)

There are three enemies in this area; one will be right in front of you, and the other two are up ahead. Be careful about the other two, because you might not be able to see them very well in the trees and in this small area. Continue north and you'll reach the last area of the mission.

Bananal Fruta de Oro: Sorting Shed

Several guards patrol the sorting shed. Knock out as many as you can before entering the sorting shed itself; to the north of the shed will be the pathway towards the end goal. Shortly after will be a single cutscene for you to skip, and your next mission will be to take down an armored vehicle.

My clear time was 02:09.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 04: Armored Vehicle Battle: LAV-Type GClear Mission
Extra Ops 005: Marksmanship PracticeClear Mission
Stun Grenade Design Specs RANK 1Río del Jade
M10 Design Specs RANK 1El Cenegal: Swamp (North)
Twin Barrel Shotgun Design Specs RANK 1Bananal Fruta de Oro: Sorting Shed
Tiger Stripe CamoBananal Fruta de Oro: Sorting Shed
Naked (Tiger Stripe) CamoAcquire Tiger Stripe Camo

Main Ops 04: Armored Vehicle Battle: LAV-Type G

For the longest time, I was very confused on why I wasn’t getting an S Rank on this mission. I thought that I wasn’t doing it fast enough, and managed to grind for 50 C Rank R&D soldiers until I got the LAW rocket launcher to *3 before Moving on to Main Ops 05. Although I never killed any of the four initial soldiers, blew up the vehicle, and finished with a time of 1:26, I still never got an S Rank. As it turns out, blowing up the LAV-Type G will actually result in a kill, even though it doesn’t count it at the mission stats screen. The actual way to get an S Rank on this mission (and similar boss battles) will definitely take longer than 90 seconds and can be a bit more complicated.

This should be the first mission in which you'll have to change your loadout. To do so, go to Mission Prep before starting the mission. You'll need at least 9 Fulton devices, as many smoke grenades as you can, and your Hush Puppy tranquilizer. Increasing their potential with R&D wouldn't hurt, either.

Bananal Fruto de Oro: Farm

There will be a cutscene at first. Skip it, and head up the hill on the left. The vehicle and the accompanying soldiers should stop moving to look around for a little bit. This will be one of the better times to throw a smoke grenade at the soldiers and approach them. Your goal is to knock out and Fulton all four of these soldiers; if you don't want to waste suppressor use, you can always use the stun rod or CQC. If you're worried that the smoke might wear out soon, drop another one whenever you feel like it.

After the first four enemies have risen out of the battlefield, the vehicle will eventually start moving along, and stop once again. The commander inside will notice that his soldiers have somehow disappeared, and he'll release four more out of the back of the vehicle. Repeat the process again, and lift these four enemies up into the air as well.

After all 8 of the commander's buddies have been taken care of, he'll pop his head out of the top and look around. Tranquilize him as soon as you can. If he spots you, this won't count as an alert, and therefore won't count against your ranking. If you try for a headshot, you'll first knock his helmet off his head, which will make him look for you even faster. Headshots will naturally get the job done faster, but body shots will let you stay incognito for a little bit longer. After the commander passes out and has been lifted out of the area, you'll be hit with an intractable cutscene.

Interactive Cutscene

All you have to do for this cutscene is fire at the machine that's taking Amanda away, and you'll get a 10/10.

Getting an S Rank here will give you a separate trophy. You'd also get this trophy for getting an S Rank on other Ops similar to this one, like Main Ops 07.

My clear time was 03:59.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 05: Rescue ChicoClear Mission
Extra Ops 006: Marksmanship ChallengeClear Mission
Tortilla Chips Recipe RANK 1Clear Mission
Canned Soft Drink Recipe RANK 1Clear Mission

Mech Catcher

Captured a mech.

Mech Catcher
1 guide

Main Ops 05: Rescue Chico

Note: Near the end, when you have to find Chico, the blue door you’re looking for will most likely be in the same spot. If not, you’re going to have to look for it throughout the area; if you don’t find fast enough you may have to play the mission over again, where the door is hopefully the one it normally is.

Camino de Lava: Hillside

Slightly up ahead will be a soldier walking northwest. Ignore him and hop up the ledge to the northeast. Up ahead will be a guard that you should be knocking out, though. Continue north to find the next area.

Camino de Lava: Junction

There’s going to be two enemies on ground level ahead, as well as a sniper above to the left on a ledge. Take out the ground soldiers from afar using the tranquilizer, and then aim for the sniper. Be careful to not get too close, or he will spot you. Additionally, if you miss and the bullet hits the wall close enough to him, he will be aware of your presence. Move ahead by going up the path to the north.

Aldea Los Despiertos

Chico is going to be inside one of the houses with a blue door. On the main path in this village will be two enemies, so knock them out (and Fulton them if you’re feeling unlucky). There will be two more guards, one in the upper part of the village and one in the lower. They should not be an issue unless the door near the truck is not where Chico is this time.

That said, check the door to the north of the truck in the main path, and if Chico is there, congratulations. If he isn’t there, you’ll have to check the other blue doors dotted around the village. If you don’t find him fast enough, you might not get an S Rank, meaning you’ll have to replay the mission. Fortunately, this isn’t a hard mission whatsoever. Skip the ensuing cutscene to end the mission.

My clear time was 01:56.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 06: Pursue the Jungle TrainClear Mission
Extra Ops 030: Classified Document RetrievalClear Mission
C4 Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
Support Supply Mk. (Set) Blueprints RANK 1Clear Mission
Support Strike Mk. (Set) Blueprints RANK 1Clear Mission

Main Ops 06: Pursue the Jungle Train

For this mission, try to keep your suppressor intact as much as possible. You’re going to need it for the end of the mission. You could also grind for C Rank soldiers to develop the Lv3 Mk. 22, which is more powerful than even the Lv2 Mk. 22 at Usage Lv3. The suppressor on the Lv3 should last longer as well.

Aldea Los Despiertos

Go back from whence you came in the last mission with the sniper. On the way there, though, will be two enemies. Try to take them both out with your stun rod to preserve your suppressor.

Camino de Lava: Junction

The sniper will have changed position, and there will be two enemies on the ground again. Fortunately for you, all three can be avoided by hopping onto the train car to the left of your starting position and then hopping onto the box next to it. This will put you right in front of where you need to go without any risk of being seen.

Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Entrance

In front of you is a broken fence, with a lone soldier looking in your direction. Either wait for him to turn left so you can use your stun rod, or try to shoot him from afar (but remember to limit the use of your Mk. 22). After him will be another guard, who can easily be taken care of with the stun rod. Near the truck ahead will be a third guard who can also be knocked out with the stun rod.

Don’t move too fast forward, though, because within sight should be a soldier up on a catwalk above the path to the mill. You’re going to have to tranquilize him to ensure he doesn’t see you. Hopefully, you’ve gotten the hang of aiming. There will be a second catwalk guard to the right if you walk past where the first one was stationed. Keep moving north and you’ll find a doorway on your right-hand side.

Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Mill

To your left will be a guard who will start to walk toward you. Tranquilize him, and move forward to find a ladder. Once at the top, you should wait until the guard on the walkway you’re on moves toward you. Before he sees you, use the stun rod on him and move ahead. There will be only one soldier remaining in the area, and he should also be stunned. Go through the doorway on this top floor and go down the stairs to find the path to the final area.

El Cadalso

There’ll be a cutscene to skip. After this will be where your suppressor comes into play. There are five guards to tranquilize and at the same time, you can’t get caught. The two in front of the train car should be the first priority. Then, the two guards closer to you should be knocked out. The fifth guard should come into view after the first two are down; shoot him before he wakes up a buddy, and then chill out in front of the previously guarded train car. After a while, the game will recognize all the soldiers are taken care of and will take you to a skippable cutscene. After this, the mission ends.

My clear time was 03:24.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 07: Tank Battle: T-72UClear Mission
Extra Ops 011: Fulton RecoveryClear Mission
M60 Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
Sonic Eye Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission

Main Ops 07: Tank Battle: T-72U

Like the LAV-Type G, you will have to tranquilize and extract all the ground troops before the driver of the tank pops his head out. This will be harder to do than with the LAV because the LAV only had eight soldiers to take care of. Don’t let this discourage you, though, because an S Rank is still very possible.

You'll need about 12 Fulton Recovery devices. If your development on the devices doesn't yet allow you to carry 12 of them, you can grind soldiers in Extra Ops 010 early on for C-Rank R&D soldiers. You could also just wait to S-Rank this mission later with better overall equipment post-game or some other later time.

El Cadalso

Like before, use smoke grenades to stop the initial soldiers in their tracks, and Fulton as many out of there as you can, dropping smoke grenades when you think their time is running out. Main Ops 04 saw you extracting two waves of four soldiers each, but this one will have three waves of the same amount of enemies. Once you've extracted all twelve, the leader will expose himself. Tranquilize him and the mission will be over.

My clear time was 03:34.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 08: Destroy the BarricadeClear Mission
Extra Ops 002: Target Practice: No LimitClear Mission
Extra Ops 004: Target Practice: Time AttackClear Mission
Mosin-Nagant Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
Curry Recipe RANK 1Clear Mission

Main Ops 08: Destroy the Barricade

If for whatever reason you haven’t developed C4 (or a stronger version of C4), Kaz will have already developed some so that you can start this mission. You also should save at least one Fulton Recovery Device for the end of the mission, in order to prevent a soldier from dying due to the explosion of the C4 you’re about to use.

Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Mill

You’re on your way back to where you found Chico earlier. There will be only one guard on the top floor of the mill, who will be very easy to spot. Get rid of him and crouch towards the yellow balcony to the left. The guard that once made your way to you in Main Ops 06 should be in sight, so tranquilize him before moving downstairs. By walking near the far wall, you will not have to worry about the final guard on your way out. He will say a line similar to “I think I see someone”, but he won’t be actively aware of you.

Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Entrance

Directly ahead on the catwalk will be a guard. In the video guide, I managed to peg him right in the butt on accident and got a trophy for it, but that will be detailed later. On your way back to the village, there will be another guard near a truck with a white tarp over it. Tranquilize him from afar, and move on to the more challenging guard up ahead. If you try to shoot him through the fence, the bullet might ricochet off and never hit him. To ensure that this guy sleeps, slowly walk out until you have a clear shot of him past the gate. To the left of this guard (the right of where you came from) will be the path you need to take.

Aldea Los Despiertos

Hop over the obstacles and crouch. To the northeast is a gap, where a soldier will be soon walking in view. He has a helmet on, so don’t aim for the head; if you do, the helmet will fly off and he’ll be aware that you’re in the area. A guard should come near him to wake him up, so try to sneak up on him using another alleyway.

A third enemy will be near the only truck in the area. Finally, the fourth and last enemy will be in the upper area of the village, which is where the barricade is. Tranquilize him and Fulton him to safety, otherwise, he’ll definitely die from the C4 explosion.

To use C4, equip it and hold cn_L2 near the surface you want it stuck to. Then, while holding cn_L2, hold down cn_R2 and it should be planted. Back away from the C4 and detonate it with cn_R2. Now the way to the end marker will be clear.

My clear time was 02:42.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 09: Infiltrate the Crater BaseClear Mission
Extra Ops 012: Fulton RecoveryClear Mission
Desert Auscam CamoAldea Los Despiertos
Desert Auscam (Naked) CamoClear Mission

Main Ops 09: Infiltrate the Crater Base

Los Cantos: Canyon

In front of you will be a bridge and, in sight, only one guard. When he’s down, go down the staircase to the left until you find the one going back up, which will be a bit forwards on the bridge. The two enemies on the lower section of the bridge do not have to be dealt with, so you can safely make your way to the next area.

Los Cantos: Ridge

If you hear a female groan upon entering the area, it’s because there’s a prisoner in the little alcove when you enter. If you want to bother with extracting her, you’ll have to go around the back.

Ahead will be a guard by a small outpost, take care of him as well as the one near the truck. A third enemy should be coming by from behind the truck, so knock him out as well. Now you can head on to the next area.

Fuerte la Ladera

This part will be tricky. The guard directly in front of you on the ground should be no problem, but the ones on top of the fortress wall will be. You could try to shoot them both at least once each and wait for them to knock out, but that costs time. What I did was I shot them with the Mk. 22 until they came down to look for me, and that made it easier to single them out instead of firing at them from behind the wall. Don’t worry if they go into alert status, because it’ll only void you of an S Rank if they actually know you’re around. Once the coast is clear, climb up the fortress’s ladder on the left and move down the wall to the inside.

Interactive Cutscene

You’ll have to look for the license plate of the truck you saw in Main Ops 06. If you don’t remember it, here is the truck’s plate and its location.

External image

After a while, the cutscene will end, and you’ll be allowed to skip the next two.

My clear time was 03:16.

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 10: Pupa BattleClear Mission
Extra Ops 018: Target DemolitionClear Mission
M1928A1 Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission

You'll want to do this mission again sometime, and when you're choosing which truck to investigate, choose the one to the right of the one that advances the mission. That truck will have none other than Hideo Kojima in it, the mastermind behind the entire series. This will give you a trophy, and Kojima doubles as an S-Rank soldier for Mother Base.

Hideo Kojima

Recruited Hideo Kojima.

Hideo Kojima

Main Ops 10: Pupa Battle

Welcome to your first AI Mech battle. Since you have only two weapon slots, it may be in your best interest to upgrade your LAW to Lv2. Grinding out C Rank soldiers or prisoners in Extra Ops 10/11 will get you there, as well as replaying Main Ops 05/06 to find prisoners there. Either way, you should bring along the LAW Lv2 and the RPG2 Lv1 (since the RPG2 only reaches Lv1) for your weapon slots.

Crater Base

When the mission starts, skip the cutscene. Now, if you want to try to get fancy and shoot it while it’s moving, only use the RPG2, because you’re going to need every single LAW rocket to hit if you don’t want to waste time waiting for backup ammo. Even then, I still don’t recommend getting fancy. Time to show the Pupa that the LAW means business.

When the Pupa stops moving, don’t bother dodging its electricity attack, because you should have your rations equipped. When it’s stationary, switch to your LAW and aim for the AI pod, which will be the large cylindrical piece that serves as the brain. Don’t fire when you think it’s about to take off again so you can play it safe with your ammunition.

When you’ve taken out all its health, switch to the RPG2 and fire a rocket at the AI pod to open the hatch. The AI fought the LAW, and the LAW won. Approach it and skip the cutscene, and you’ll be in the circuit board removal section.

Take out all the pieces you can; you’ll need them later. This obviously won’t take the entire minute of time you have, so just wait it out. Then you’re hit with a mission-complete-cutscene, which again is unskippable. After this is one that you can skip, though.

Interactive Cutscene

For this, you have an option to zoom in, but don’t bother. Huey Emmerich will start talking about the project, and when he says “For the CIA, they invited me here a year ago”, this will be your time to press cn_R2. After the picture of Hot Coldman goes away, you can skip the rest of the cutscene.

My clear time was 02:37.

A Country Without An Army

Cleared Chapter 1: A Country Without An Army.

A Country Without An Army

Mission Unlocks
Main Ops 11: Travel to the Cloud ForestClear Mission
Extra Ops 007: Marksmanship ChallengeClear Mission
Extra Ops 069: Armored Vehicle Battle: BTR-60 PAClear Mission
Support Supply Marker (Thrown) Design Specs RANK 2Clear Mission
Chaff Grenade Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
Night Vision Goggles Design Specs RANK 1Clear Mission
ID Card (H) RANK 1Clear Mission
Huey's LetterClear Mission
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