Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough Overview

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Welcome to the walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Peace Walker was originally released as a PlayStation Portable exclusive, and Konami thankfully decided to port it to consoles later on. For a portable game made before 2012, Peace Walker has quite a bit of content in it, so get ready for a long completion fairly similar to Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection (which is bundled with Peace Walker if you have a physical copy).

Peace Walker has significantly different gameplay from that of Metal Gear games so far; no longer is it top-down, nor is the camera restricted to a certain angle in a room. Many new elements will be introduced to you in this game if you've previously never played anything from Metal Gear Solid V, the sequel to Peace Walker.

For a full completion, you’ll need to get an S Rank on all 33 main story missions (referred to in-game as Main Ops) as well as all 128 Extra Ops, which are more like side missions. As daunting as this may be, the walkthrough should help alleviate the difficulty and frustration you might have. There also are a few trophies that require co-op, so you may need to either use multiple consoles or find someone else who has the game.

There are videos for every S Rank available for you to watch, as well as text guides for every mission. Everything is given as a single-player S Rank, so you don't have to rely on another person to get that particular mission done. However, playing Co-Op with someone farther ahead than you will still make things much easier, especially if they have better equipment.

There's a platinum trophy that you can earn if you manage to earn all other trophies in the game.

Vic Boss

Obtained every trophy.

Vic Boss

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