Metal Gear Solid 3 (Vita) Walkthrough

5. Playthrough B: Kerotan Frogs

If you haven't seen one before, there are 64 green frog toys known as Kerotan scattered throughout the entire game. Below is a video detailing how to get all 64 of these frogs, and if you want timestamps for each frog, they will be in the video's description on YouTube.

Something to keep in mind is that if you're ever unsure if you hit a Kerotan from a far distance, you can always equip the directional microphone to hear it better. The GA-KO camouflage, which you should have now, allows you to hear Kerotan noises if you approach, but it won't be necessary to have it equipped since you've got a walkthrough at your disposal. If you miss a frog on this playthrough for some reason, don't worry too much; the trophy will pop as soon as you've hit the ones you missed previously on another run of the game.

Dremuchij South

Skip through all the initial cutscenes, and climb the tree to get your backpack. Now that you have a weapon, climb the tree again and look south while balancing on the branch to find the first (01/64) Kerotan. Shoot it with any weapon, and it'll count towards the trophy. Shooting your first one is especially neat because you'll get a trophy for hitting just one.

Prince Charming

Shoot a Kerotan for the first time

Prince Charming

Dremuchij Swampland

Move past the alligators and quicksand, and head towards the next area. After you get out of the quicksand, you should soon approach a patch of grass. Continue to the second patch of grass and look to the right in between some trees, where a (02/64) Kerotan is blending in with the leafage.

Dremuchij North

Knock out the two guards up ahead with the EZ Gun and then turn right when you can. Keep walking to the right until you get to an old tree stump; if you look closely, the next (03/64) Kerotan is going to be sitting on top of it. Shoot it, and continue to Dolinovodno.


As soon as you arrive in Dolinovodno, you should see a (04/64) Kerotan sitting atop the tall wooden post on the left side of the bridge. Shoot it and move on.


Take out all three enemies with the EZ Gun and head "inside" the destroyed building to the left of the area, where two of the guards should have been standing. By the base of the metal staircase, a large chunk of the northern wall will be missing. Look through this hole and you'll find another (05/64) Kerotan. Then find Sokolov, skip the cutscenes, and finish the Virtuous Mission.

Dremuchij East

Now that the Virtuous Mission is over, the previous Kerotan frogs will not be available, and new ones will have taken their place. Fortunately, the Kerotan hunt won't be a big strain or challenge until the motorbike chase near the end of the game, but that's a long time from now. Most of them won't be an issue to shoot whatsoever.

Head north and look west until you find a hollowed-out tree stump. Look inside, and the first (06/64) Kerotan of Operation: Snake Eater will be waiting inside for you.

Dremuchij North

Meet up with The Boss and go through the cutscenes. When you're free to move again, take a right up ahead just like you did in the Virtuous Mission. There should be a tree to the left that you can climb; do so and look northwest to find a (07/64) Kerotan that you wouldn't be able to see from ground level. Now, instead of going to Dolinovodno, turn around and go south towards Dremuchij Swampland.

Dremuchij Swampland

Make your way back into the quicksand and turn right (west) to find two alligators. On the brown "shoreline" of the quicksand, you'll find a small group of trees at the northernmost point. Look around them on the ground to find another (08/64) Kerotan. Feel free to use the Patriot to kill any alligators that might be a threat to you. Keep going south and enter Dremuchij South, where you started the Virtuous Mission.

Dremuchij South

Climb back under the log and return to around the general area you started from. To the west will be a fallen log; stand on the left side of it and move the camera around while looking north to find this area's new (09/64) Kerotan. Now you can continue with the mission.


Knock out the soldier directly below you and cross the bridge. As soon as you make it to the other side, look up and to the right to find this area's (10/64) Kerotan atop the rocks.


We're going to again use that metal staircase as a landmark for this area. This time, go to the right side of it and look underneath it. The next (11/64) Kerotan should be easily visible to you. If you want to shoot this frog after you meet EVA, you can. And if you weren't too great about the claymores up ahead, don't forget to pick up the mine detector inside the building before you leave.

Chyornyj Prud

Make your way to the opposite shoreline, killing the alligators with the Patriot if you have to. Once you're back on land, dive into the water to the left and head to the tree partially submerged in the swamp to find the next (12/64) Kerotan at the bottom of the lake.

Bolshaya Past South

If you picked up the mine detector, remember to use it for this area if you need to. Make your way to the last opening of the electric fence, where a guard will be standing off to the left. Tranquilize him and stand in the gap in the fence. Then turn to the right and the (13/64) Kerotan should be between some trees.

Bolshaya Past Base

Tranquilize the guards surrounding the area and head inside the base. Go to the bedroom, where you'll find a desk; underneath is the next (14/64) Kerotan. If you feel like it, you can destroy the chopper here so it won't be an issue when you're at the mountaintop.

Bolshaya Past Crevice

As you enter the area, the fight with Ocelot will start. Take cover behind something and look to the southeast. The (15/64) Kerotan will be across another gap that you can't cross over. Make sure you shoot it before the battle ends, or you'll have to either reload a save (and reshoot the Kerotans up to this point) or play up to this point on another save just to shoot this one frog.

Chyornaya Peschera Cave Branch

The first thing you'll want to do is get the torch, which you'll find between two waterfalls by taking the northern path in the cave. You can check your map to see the cave layout.

After you get the torch, run to the western side of the same room with two waterfalls to find a thin pathway. Follow it until you get to a crawlspace; crawl through and you'll reach a room with another crawlspace. At the end of the second crawlspace will be a larger room with a big hole in the floor. Whatever you do, don't fall through the hole just yet, or you'll have to come back all the way around to get back here. Walk slowly around the circumference of the cave until you pick up some night vision goggles. Just in front of those will be the (16/64) Kerotan, which you can easily see with the light of your torch.

Chyornaya Peschera Cave

Reach The Pain and defeat him however you please; you should already know how to beat him and avoid his attacks by now. You should equip the infinity facepaint to give you unlimited stun grenades, which you can use to stop his hornet armor. After he blows up, look up towards the sky and you'll find this area's (17/64) Kerotan on the edge of the large hole in the ceiling.

Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance

Make your way out of the cave, but look to the left on your way out for a smaller cave. There are bats and claymores inside, so if you have one, toss a grenade or stun grenade in there to get rid of all of them. If you don't have one, just shoot the claymores from afar and you won't have to worry about the bats.

Once the coast is clear, go into this little cave and look up to see a (18/64) Kerotan sitting on a ledge. It won't be visible from outside this cave. After you've shot it, you're good to leave the area.

Ponizovje South

Walk only a little bit forward and you'll be able to see the bright-green (19/64) Kerotan sitting on the left side of the river. At the fork in the path at the end of the river, go left into Ponizovje West.

Ponizovje West

Swim up to the docks and knock out the two guards. Stay in the water and go to the northernmost area you can without exiting the water to find a sewer grate; past the metal bars blocking it is the (20/64) Kerotan.

You'll want the SVD for Kerotan frogs later on in the game; if you decide to fight The End instead of killing him early, you can also pick up his Mosin-Nagant instead of the SVD after you beat him, but it's highly preferred that you get the SVD. The Mosin-Nagant will do for a while, and you'll get the SVD when you need it most, but it's best to be safe and get the SVD now just in case you forget to pick up the Mosin-Nagant.

Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior

Skip the cutscenes and wipe out the enemies at the docks. Then look to the west in the water to find a red gate with a (21/64) Kerotan on top of it, eagerly waiting to croak for you.

Ponizovje Warehouse

Go down the stairs and stand by the red door that The End went through (or didn't, if you shot him again), and look up towards the ceiling near the top of the stairs. You should be able to see the warehouse's (22/64) Kerotan on top of a long beam.

Graniny Gorki South

Head on over to the other side of the area, but watch out for traps lying in wait. Before you hop over a small ledge, look up in the trees to the southwest and you should find another (23/64) Kerotan sitting on a thin tree branch.

Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls

Head under the electric fence using the gap to the left as usual, and then look to the tree and grass in front of you. Stand at the edge of the grass and look left, where you'll see a (24/64) Kerotan placed between two trees. Then head inside the walls by knocking on the door.

Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls

As you enter the area, you start behind a small building. Look around the other side of this building to find a broken window, with the next (25/64) Kerotan on display. Head inside the small door and continue the hunt for the little frogs.

Graniny Gorki Lab 1F

Knock out the soldier by the front desk, and then make a right as you pass it. Continue through this hall until you reach a set of lockers; on top is this floor's (26/64) Kerotan. Take the stairs nearby down to the lower level.

Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East

This place is very linear, so it won't be too complicated to reach the last jail cell. There will be a soldier walking around, though, so take him out and look inside the cell and you'll see the (27/64) Kerotan on a small shelf. Then go back upstairs and go through the first floor down to where you need to go to meet Granin.

Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West

As per usual, run past the guard's station and into the next room, where a single scientist is walking around. Tranquilize him and look around for a (28/64) Kerotan on a bookshelf. Then talk to Granin and make your way to Graniny Gorki South to take on The Fear, and then back to the warehouse. Continue through the now-unlocked door to Svyatogornyj South.

Svyatogornyj South

Just a bit further after EVA gives you a call on your radio, there's a tree that you can climb. You don't need to climb it, just stand next to it and face the door you came in from. Above it to the left will be this area's (29/64) Kerotan. Then move on ahead to the next area.

Svyatogornyj West

You'll soon come across a fork in the path at the start of this area; choose the path to the left until you get to another tree with vines on it. Just to the north of it is a (30/64) Kerotan at around eye level. Watch out for a pitfall trap nearby, though; it leads to a big drop and an immediate death. After you've shot this frog, move to Svatogornyj East.

Svyatogornyj East

At the end of this section of Svyatogornyj is a cabin, with some supplies inside. Luckily for you, you don't need to go in the cabin to get to this (31/64) Kerotan, it should be easily visible through the window. You'll have to return to Svyatogornyj West to continue to Sokrovenno.

Sokrovenno South

After you're introduced to The End again, equip the EZ Gun so you won't be spotted and head to the northwest until you find a building on a ledge. Near one of the corners on a big rock is the thirty-second (32/64) Kerotan. Congratulations, you're halfway there. It's not as bad as it makes out to be.

If you didn't get the SVD before, I highly suggest going inside the building and getting it in there now. If you don't get it, you'll automatically get one later, but you'll have to take the Mosin-Nagant from The End. If you killed him early, you need to pick the SVD up now.

Sokrovenno West

Deal with The End (or don't) and come here, to the west part of Sokrovenno. You'll see a stream flowing south and some waterfalls up ahead; follow the stream south and you'll find the (33/64) Kerotan at the end of it. Then go to Sokrovenno North.

Sokrovenno North

Just outside of the entrance to Sokrovenno North (from Sokroveno South) is a tree to the right. Hiding behind the tree is another (34/64) Kerotan.

Krasnogorje Tunnel

Don't climb up that ladder just yet, there's a (35/64) Kerotan hiding on the left side of the tunnel. Just look at the floor on the left side as you approach the ladder and you'll easily spot it. Only after you've shot it should you climb the world's best ladder.

Krasnogorje Mountain Base

Try to tranquilize all of the enemies in the bumpy part of the mountain base, and then look for a crawl space to the left, created by some rocks. You'll want to look to the north of that little rock tent to find the next (36/64) Kerotan on the rocks to the left of the entrance to the mountainside.

Krasnogorje Mountainside

Climb up the mountainside until you reach the top, where you'll find some anti-air guns and some small buildings. On top of the building in the corner is the next (37/64) Kerotan. You can see it better when next to the anti-air gun on the right.

Krasnogorje Mountaintop

Shortly up the mountain will be the first anti-air gun of this area, next to a small building with some grenades in it. Stand between them and look to the southeastern corner of the map (in the shadows) and a (38/64) Kerotan will be smiling at you. Then head up to the ruins and meet up with EVA.

Krasnogorje Mountaintop: Behind Ruins

Skip all the cutscenes, and you'll be overlooking Groznyj Grad from the cliffside. You should see a red and white tower to the right with the number 07 on it; just above the 0 will be a sneakily hidden (39/64) Kerotan. Use the SVD to shoot it, and then go back through the door to the ruins.

Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins

In the ruins will be a bed without a mattress, just next to the door to the mountaintop. Up above the bed will be the next (40/64) Kerotan frog for you to shoot. After you've done so, go through the door on the mountaintop to fight The Fury.

Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel

As you fight The Fury, go to the north and hop up onto the ledge so you're next to a pack of six barrels. Look down the rows and a (41/64) Kerotan will be propped on top of a red pipe, several feet above the floor. It won't be visible from ground level, so you will have to climb up here. After you beat The Fury for (hopefully) the last time, go up the ladder to Groznyj Grad.

Groznyj Grad Southwest

Go left and north until you find a truck, then look west and look at the three storage units next to each other. Approach the one in the middle and look in the crack in the center of it, where a (42/64) Kerotan is hidden. Then head to the northwest section of Groznyj Grad.

Groznyj Grad Northwest

Entering from the southwest corner, there will be a bunch of tanks to the left, as well as a guard tower with a spotlight. Stand as far east as you can, parallel to the tower, and you should be able to see a (43/64) Kerotan frog sitting at the top of a red metal staircase. Shoot it and then go to the northeastern sector.

Groznyj Grad Northeast

Make your way as north and as east as possible until you find a small building with some food inside.Take it if you want, and then look to the north of it to find a small hole in the ground. Crawl in the hole and look to the right until you find a turn, which will contain only a (44/64) Kerotan stuck behind a grate. Continue crawling in this tunnel and it'll take you to Groznyj Grad Southeast.

Groznyj Grad Southeast

After you come out of the crawlspace, circle around the building, which is the torture room from later on in the story; pass a guard and you'll find a red metal stairway leading up to the roof. Check the corners of the higher section of the roof to find a (45/64) Kerotan sitting there all by himself. Now that you're done with the four corners, return to the northeast corner through a red door and go inside to the east wing.

Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing

Take Raikov to the locker room as part of the story, and then look in the office area just to the north of the locker room. A (46/64) Kerotan will be placed on to pos the bookshelf in between some boxes. After you shoot it, head back outside to Groznyj Grad Southeast, and head inside the torture room.

Groznyj Grad Torture Room

Go to the left as you enter the area and there should be a guard walking around an office area. Knock him out with some punches and unequip your uniform so you can use the EZ Gun (or any gun, really) to shoot the (47/64) Kerotan under the desk. Then return to the east wing and make your way to the bridge to the west wing. If you miss this one accidentally, you should be able to come back here after you meet EVA behind the waterfall and get your equipment back.

Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: West Wing Corridor

Whatever you do, don't approach the door. You should instead tranquilize both of these guys (which you can do after you take off the uniform) and take your sniper rifle out. To the left of the bridge, outside, is a megaphone pole, and on top is the next (48/64) Kerotan. A pretty clever spot to hide one, right? If you miss this one accidentally, you should be able to come back here after you meet EVA behind the waterfall and get your equipment back.

To continue with the story, you'll have to wake these guards up by returning to the main wing and coming back, but make sure your uniform is on. There won't be any more new Kerotan to shoot until you defeat The Sorrow; you should be familiar on how to escape from the northwest sector and go through the sewers to get to Tikhogornyj.


After you "beat" The Sorrow, you'll arrive in Tikhogornyj. Turn around as soon as you're on your feet and the (49/64) Kerotan will be right behind you. You'll have to shoot it with the Single-Action Army now if you have bullets from the sewers, or you can get your gear from EVA and come back here with the EZ Gun and your other weapons.

Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall

After you get your stuff from EVA, go to the room with the ladder leading up to Groznyj Grad and look around the corners for pipes above you; in one of the corners will be the fiftieth (50/64) Kerotan.

If for some reason you didn't get the SVD earlier, you'll get it after meeting EVA here. The Mosin-Nagant just wouldn't have cut it for what's up ahead anyway. Once you take care of the Kerotan here, return to Groznyj Grad and enter the Shagohod's hangar.

Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing

As you plant C3 on the fuel tanks, stop by the left side of the room and look for some railing next to the Shagohod. Between the railing and the Shagohod will be the next (51/64) Kerotan. Make sure to hit this frog before planting the last C3 charge, or you'll miss your chance.

When you're fighting Volgin, there are some crates above you to the southwest; next to it in plain sight is another (52/64) Kerotan. Shoot it before you finish Volgin off.

Groznyj Grad

Now things get difficult. When EVA makes her first stop on the bike, look for a guard tower with a guard and a spotlight in the distance. Pull out your SVD and shoot the (53/64) Kerotan on top of the spotlight, and then save your game once you leave this area and have shot the frog. The reason for this is so that if you miss a frog in the future and need to quit to the main menu, you won't need to replay an area you've already been through. You'll want to save every time you enter a new area and have shot the frog in the area you just left. If you ever miss a frog during the motorbike scenes you can return to the title screen through the Options menu.

Groznyj Grad Runway South

This will be after you lose Ocelot in Groznyj Grad after he tries to chase you on his own bike. EVA will stop and wait for you to shoot the enemies firing at the two of you; to the left of the enemies on a forklift is this area's (54/64) Kerotan, which is easiest to shoot with the SVD once again.

Groznyj Grad Runway

Save your game, and pull the directional mic out of your backpack if you haven't already done so. The (55/64) Kerotan here will be on the left side of the runway on a short metal structure, so you'll want to look forward and prepare to shoot it with your SVD; after you've tried to, pull out the directional mic and listen for the croak to confirm whether or not you shot it.

Groznyj Grad Runway

Save your game, you won't want to reload back into the beginning of the previous area and have to shoot that frog again. Technically, this is a new area with the same name, and this will be when the Shagohod is right behind you. The (56/64) Kerotan here will be on another metal structure, but on the right side of the runway. Shoot it and pull the mic out again to listen for croaking.

Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge

Save your game and stand up; you won't be able to see this frog if you're prone on the ground. Look to the lower left under the bridge on the red girders to find a (57/64) Kerotan in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then shoot the C3 on the bridge to start the fight with the Shagohod.

Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge

Save the game and take the Shagohod down so that Volgin leaps on top and controls it with his own electricity, so you can walk around the area and have better control of your aim. Run to around the center of the area so Volgin can't hit you, and then look towards a red and white tower in the sunlight. At the base of the tower, on top of the building it's built on, a (58/64) Kerotan will be watching the fight go down. Shoot it, beat the Shagohod, and get ready for more motorbike chase sequences.

Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North

Save the game again and look forward the whole time; the guards chasing you shouldn't be doing much damage anyway. When you see three striped barriers, look at the ground and you'll see a (59/64) Kerotan between two of them. Once again, use the SVD and directional mic to make sure you hit it. You'll have to be quick about this one, so it's very important to have saved at the beginning of this area.

Lazorevo South

Save again, keep looking north, and ignore the soldiers behind you for now. The (60/64) Kerotan here will be on the ground in front of a rock very early on in this half of Lazorevo; people like to use the RPG-7 to hit this one since it's up against a rock, but you could try to use the SVD if you're fast enough. You'll probably want to play it safe and just use the RPG-7, though. Use the directional mic to confirm whether or not you hit it.

Lazorevo North

Save the game and switch to the Patriot, and fire constantly. This will be the last frog for the motorbike chase sequence so this should be the last time you really need to save again. Look forward and slightly to the left, and on top of a taller rock will be the next (61/64) Kerotan. Make sure you can hear the croaking from the directional mic so you know you hit it. This is the one that might give you the most trouble.

Zaozyorje West

Patch EVA up and then make your way forward, but look to the right for a thin path (on the map, you'll be going west). You'll eventually come across a fallen log that allows you to cross over a gap. When you're on the log, look down the gap to your left and the (62/64) Kerotan will be sitting below, just make sure enemies aren't getting too close to EVA behind you.

Zaozyorje East

Knock out the guards wandering around the first part of the area, and then take EVA forward until you reach a fork in the path; you can check if you're in the right place by looking at the map. Between the two paths is a tree, and behind it is the second-to-last (63/64) Kerotan. Then take EVA to the WIG and confront The Boss.

Rokovoj Bereg

Head to the western half of the field and look up at the tall dead tree's tops. On top of one is the very last (64/64) Kerotan. If you've managed to properly hit all of them successfully, the trophy will pop here. Finish the game and you'll be given stealth camouflage to use if you play through the game again.

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Find all 64 Kerotans

It Ain't Easy Being Green

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