Mensa Academy (EU)

PlayStation 3

Mensa Academy (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

3 is the Magic Number
3 is the Magic Number15TrophyTypeGet your first 3 star award for any level in Play mode.
Jack of All Trades
Jack of All Trades15TrophyTypeGet a 3 star award for a level in each of the 5 categories in Play mode.
Above Average
Above Average16TrophyTypeAchieve a score of 100+ in Test mode.
Going For Gold
Going For Gold17TrophyTypeAchieve your first Gold medal in Coach mode.

Least Earned

The Great Gold Rush
The Great Gold Rush85TrophyTypeAchieve a Gold medal in every mini-game in Coach mode.
The Brave 300!
The Brave 300!85TrophyTypeGet all 300 Stars.
Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver85TrophyTypeAchieve a Silver medal in every mini-game in Coach mode.
20-20 Vision
20-20 Vision42TrophyTypeGet at least 1 star at Level 20 in all Categories.
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