Men's Room Mayhem (Vita) Reviews

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    30 Sep 2014
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    I honestly didn't know what to expect when I first saw Men's Room Mayhem but the cheap asking price and hilarious trailer had me sold.

    This game is more of a strategy game than anything else but isn't complicated at all. Using the Vita's touch screen, you guide different waves of men (sometimes women) to the urinals or toilets, sinks, and doors respectively. Doing each of these things gains you points but doing them in this order gains you even more points. The challenge comes in when you have multiple men on screen at once and trying to complete these steps with each. You have to avoid them bumping into each other or "going on themselves". If two men bump into each other, they'll begin to fight which leaves a blood stain on the floor. If they "go on themselves" it leaves a piss stain on the either scenario, they immediately leave the restroom. This is allowed to happen 6 times before getting a "Game Over". The overall goal is to survive as many waves with as much points as possible. Needless to say, that the each wave brings in more men at a faster rate. After each wave there is a timed bonus round where you must first rub the touch screen to clean any stains left on the floor and then the sinks and toilets. Stains don't net you any bonus points (they serve more to take up time in the bonus round) but the more sinks and toilets you clean do. There are 7 different levels or restrooms rather and their layouts definitely add to the challenge. In addition to different layouts, each restroom has its own special patron whose behavior adds even more challenge to the level. For example, in the beach restroom there is a muscle bound bully character that cannot be controlled and you have to navigate the rest of your patrons to operate around him or else run the risk of a fight breaking out. This doesn't mean that the game is about mindlessly trying to survive wave however. There are bronze, silver, and gold level challenges along with trophy support to add a few more goals to pursue.

    While Men's Room Mayhem lacks the depth to be considered a long term investment, when all of these elements are put together, it creates a very fun and challenging experience. Due to the simplistic nature of the game, it's no surprise that visually it's as consistently simple. The character models and levels look like something out of a 16-bit RPG but are charming nonetheless. Much of the same can be said about the game's music as a light hearted theme consistently plays in background of the gameplay. The sound effects fit well into what goes on during the gameplay and really contributes the humor.

    My Breakdown:

    What's Good:

    • Overall its very charming
    • Challenges add to the replayability
    • Each level adds a bit of variety to the way the game is played
    • Simplistic but challenging
    • Visuals and sound effect appropriately add to the humorous nature of the game

    What's Not-So-Good:

    • The game could have been lengthened a bit more buy having more levels available to unlock
    • Rub the screen lightly because rubbing too hard will burn your fingers!

    What's Bad:

    • After getting the majority of the trophies and completing many of the challenges, the game loses steam and there really isn't much left to keep you motivated in playing

    In all, Men's Room Mayhem's charm was immediate. Even though my interest eventually wore down after obtaining most of the trophies and completing many of the challenges, it remains an excellent pick up-n-play to kill time when needed.