Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11

PlayStation 4

Mega Man 11 Trophies

Most Earned

Bullseye!15TrophyTypeDefeat a Mawaru C using your Mega Buster without Speed Gear.
One Down, Seven to Go...
One Down, Seven to Go...16TrophyTypeComplete 1 of the 8 stages.
Three Birds, One Stone
Three Birds, One Stone16TrophyTypeDefeat three or more enemies with one charge shot.
Better You Than Me
Better You Than Me17TrophyTypeDestroy a Mini Shpider using an acid pool, BBQ grill, or other environmental hazard.

Least Earned

The Blue Bomber Returns
The Blue Bomber Returns683TrophyTypeObtain all trophies.
Survival Skills
Survival Skills109TrophyTypeComplete Dr. Light's Trial for the first time.
The Blue Flash
The Blue Flash322TrophyTypeComplete the game on Normal difficulty or harder within 60 minutes. (1st Play)
Mega Unstoppable
Mega Unstoppable84TrophyTypeComplete the game on Normal difficulty or harder without getting a game over. (1st Play)
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The Game Awards 2018 Nominees Revealed

A healthy mix of titles are featured in this year's Game Awards nominations, including a surprising nod to indie darling Celeste in the Game of the Year category. Are your favourites represented in the list below?

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Mega Man 11 Trophy List Revealed

We have just picked up the trophy list for Mega Man 11. There are 51 trophies, 16 of which are hidden

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Take on Block Man in Mega Man 11's Demo, Available Now

Mega Man 11's demo is now available to download on the PlayStation Store. You'll be taking on Block Man in your brief adventure into the game. In other news, Capcom have revealed another bouncy boss...

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Blast Man Makes His Debut in Mega Man 11

Mega Man will be joined by faces both familiar and new. One of those new faces will be Blast Man, a Robot Master players will have to take down after conquering his stage.

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Mega Man 11 Developers Show How It's Done With Some E3 Playthroughs

One of the games shown off during this year's E3 was the upcoming latest entry in the long running Capcom series, Mega Man 11. In two videos from the event we get to see a couple of the game's developers playing it.

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