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MediEvil Trophies

Most Earned

A Paneful Demise
A Paneful Demise32TrophyTypeDefeat the Stained Glass Demon in the Hilltop Mausoleum.
Wolfsbane34TrophyTypeDefeat the Guardians of the Graveyard.
Gimme That Back!
Gimme That Back!17TrophyTypeLose, then recover your weapon from an Imp.
Impaired Drivers
Impaired Drivers19TrophyTypeDefeat both Mecha Imps and their taunting Imp pilots.

Least Earned

Savior of Gallowmere
Savior of Gallowmere180TrophyTypeUnlock all trophies.
Deathly Smorgasbord
Deathly Smorgasbord15TrophyTypeDie 7 different ways.
The Answer Is Chicken
The Answer Is Chicken79TrophyTypeThrow 42 chicken legs.
Soul Savior
Soul Savior159TrophyTypeLay all the Lost Souls to rest.
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MediEvil Trophy List Revealed

We have just picked up new trophies for MediEvil. There are 39 trophies, 18 of which are hidden.

Posted 8 days ago by Rich Stone

MediEvil Developer Wants to "Deliver the Game People Remember Playing"

Sir Daniel Fortesque is not the only thing that has been resurrected for the MediEvil remake. Other Ocean Interactive has been delving into the source code of the original game to bring back a fan favourite.

Posted 2 months ago by Sean Carey

There's Still Life in 2019 Yet— Here's What We Can't Wait To Play

We're more than halfway through 2019, but that doesn't mean the best is behind us. Here are 5 upcoming and irresistible releases.

Posted 3 months ago by Heidi Nicholas

Relive The Tale Of MediEvil In A New Story Trailer

Sir Daniel Fortesque returns for a blast into the past with the upcoming MediEvil. Remade from the grave up, take a look at the newly released story trailer to find out what the game's about and also check out some gameplay.

Posted 5 months ago by Ashley Woodcock

This Week's State Of Play Will Show Off MediEvil and A New Title

This week's State of Play will give us a new look at the remaster of MediEvil, plus news of an unannounced game and some updates on projects in progress. Tune in later this week to find out more.

Posted 5 months ago by Sam Quirke

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