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McDroid Trophies

Most Earned

A fistfull of strawberries
A fistfull of strawberries15TrophyTypeYou harvested your first strawberries, now a word of encouragement from our sponsor Somanto.
The first healing
The first healing23TrophyTypeThe first planet nodule is healed. She is on her way to recovery and you can start feeling her love through your mechanical heart.
Trial by spawner
Trial by spawner36TrophyTypeYou survived volcanoes, Spawners and dodged their offspring. Planet was right to chose you.
No more baby talk
No more baby talk38TrophyTypePlanet is healing, now her cognitive abilities are re-emerging... pfuuu.

Least Earned

Uzumaki deska ?
Uzumaki deska ?65TrophyTypeYou survived The Spiral for 50 waves of vertigo inducing madness.
Toughtanium underpants
Toughtanium underpants131TrophyTypeSOMANTO's anabolic seem to be working for you. You have finished the game in Challenge, which is normally impossible.
Strawberry piggy
Strawberry piggy65TrophyTypeYou farmed 1000 strawberries in one level of the campaign. Such farming super ability makes us salivate at the potential profit.
Healed the planet
Healed the planet65TrophyTypeYou have healed your planet and she is happy now. But for for how long…
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