Mayhem 3D

PlayStation 3

Mayhem 3D Trophies

Most Earned

Two For The Show
Two For The Show15TrophyTypeUnlock issue 3, "Date With Disaster"
Rule The Roost
Rule The Roost31TrophyType"Rules Of The Road" - Perfect score
Pack Rat
Pack Rat16TrophyTypeCollect 20 vehicle parts in a single event (excluding challenge events)
Take The Wheel, Ferris
Take The Wheel, Ferris16TrophyTypeUnlock issue 4, "Blue Ribbon Brawl"

Least Earned

Show Off
Show Off210TrophyTypeUnlock every trophy in the game
Teacher's Pet
Teacher's Pet104TrophyTypeGet 100% completion on the career
Four Car Garage
Four Car Garage35TrophyTypeUnlock every vehicle
Sharp Shooter
Sharp Shooter34TrophyType"The Final Standoff" - Perfect score
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