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Posted on 21 August 17 at 17:09, Edited on 21 August 17 at 17:11
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The gameplay feels fluid and full of fun – and bullets. If you take Resogun and mix it with Shadow Complex, you have Matterfall. Everything is working as a 2D game, but with 3D surroundings, so I am going to classify it as 2.5D. As you go through the levels, jumping from platform to platform, utilizing your tools, you encounter enemies in the form of red matter.

Overall, I can see myself having huge amounts of fun with Matterfall, yet I fear that I also will have a lot of frustrating moments. On the behalf of the game, I’m sad that their initial reveal made me expect something else than what the game ended up to be. The story seems promising and the game is in no way bad, but it is flawed and could use some polishment – preferably to the same detail as Resogun is.

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Hit; A fun and fantastic looking bullet hell on feet.
Miss; Controls are really weird – and can’t be changed.
Need; An open world epic story based adventure as the reveal trailer implied.
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