MasterCube (EU)

MasterCube (EU)

PlayStation 4

MasterCube (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Destoyer15TrophyTypeDestroy 20 enemies in 8 seconds.
Ultra Destroyer
Ultra Destroyer15TrophyTypeDestroy 40 enemies in 12 seconds
Good Reflexes
Good Reflexes33TrophyTypeDo not die for 120 seconds
Mega Destroyer
Mega Destroyer66TrophyTypeKill 1000 enemies without being destroyed

Least Earned

Ultra Killer
Ultra Killer30TrophyTypeKill 2500 enemies without being destroyed
Survivor Of The Universe
Survivor Of The Universe90TrophyTypePass the score of 15.000.000
Survivor Of The Galaxy
Survivor Of The Galaxy30TrophyTypePass the score of 10.000.000
Mega Survivor
Mega Survivor15TrophyTypePass the score of 2.000.000
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NA Playstation Store Update: August 25th, 2015

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EU Playstation Store Update: August 19th, 2015

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