Mass Effect 2 Trophies

Full list of all 59 Mass Effect 2 trophies - 50 bronze, 6 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum. It takes around 50-60 hours to unlock all of the trophies in the base game on PlayStation 3.

The base game contains 55 trophies, and there are 2 DLC packs containing 4 trophies.

  • N7 Elite

    Acquire all trophies

  • Highly Trained

    View all advanced combat training videos at Shepard's private terminal.

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Add-on: Arrival


Maximum TrueTrophy72Maximum XP4533
3.726,1133,749 (61%)0-1 h
  • The Ultimate Sacrifice

    Complete the Arrival DLC ("Arrival" downloadable content)

  • Last Stand

    Survive all five waves in the battle for Object Rho ("Arrival" downloadable content)

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  • Covert Action

    Rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson without attracting hostile attention ("Arrival" downloadable content)

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Add-on: Cerberus Network

Cerberus Network

Maximum TrueTrophy18Maximum XP1511
4.0512,68412,743 (100%)0-1 h
  • Revenge!

    Gain the loyalty of the mercenary ("Cerberus Pack" downloadable content)