Marvel Ultimate Alliance

PlayStation 4

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Trophies

Most Earned

Fledging superhero
Fledging superhero15TrophyTypeDefeated 10 Enemies.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer33TrophyTypeFin Fang Foom was defeated.
Pugilist18TrophyTypePerformed 5 Finishing Moves.
Legendary Superhero
Legendary Superhero18TrophyTypeDefeated 100 Enemies.

Least Earned

Platinum Award
Platinum Award710TrophyTypeObtain all other trophies.
The Destroyer
The Destroyer56TrophyTypeWon 100 Arcade Mode Levels.
Excelsior!52TrophyTypeBeat Marvel Ultimate Alliance in Hard Mode.
Golden Age of Comics
Golden Age of Comics51TrophyTypeAttained gold on all comic missions.
All Marvel Ultimate Alliance Trophies

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle Coming to Playstation 4 Today

The successor to the original Xbox/PS2/GameCube era's X-Men Legends series, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games garnered a fan base on PS3. Marvel has announced that it will be releasing current-gen versions next week.

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