Marvel Pinball Epic Collection Vol. 1 Trophies

Full list of all 20 Marvel Pinball Epic Collection Vol. 1 trophies - 20 bronze.

  • Aunt May's Dinner Party

    Start Aunt May's Dinner Party by hitting all the Websling ramps two times on Spider-Man table!

  • Maximum Clonage

    Complete all four stages and lock three balls into Doc Ock hole to start the Wizard Mode: Clone Chaos on Spider-Man table!

  • Recover The Book Of The Vishanti

    Locate and retake The Book Of The Vishanti on the Doctor Strange table.

  • Sorcerer Supreme Frenzy

    Start the Sorcerer Supreme Frenzy on the Doctor Strange table!

  • Tony Stark, Living Legend

    Complete all Tony Stark missions on Iron Man table!

  • The Invincible Iron Man

    Complete the Whiplash and Mandarin missions on Iron Man table!

  • Cathari Treasure

    Max out your funds by recovering treasures and vampire stashes on Blade.

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  • Forsaken Shrine

    Have Blade take a Darkhold chapter to the shrine and suppress it on Blade.

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  • Back from the Dead

    Perform a successful bang back with the Captain America ball. Perform a bang back by nudging the table at the right time as the ball heads down an outlane.

  • Just Like the Movie

    Start all game modes with each Avenger character ball that correspond to the character whose game mode is being played.

  • Enter Hulk's Arena

    Enter Hulk's Arena on the World War Hulk table!

  • Hulk's Vengeance

    Complete all the Main and Side missions on the World War Hulk table!

  • Army of the Serpent

    Collect all targets during Blitzkrieg USA on Fear Itself!

  • Avengers, assemble!

    Score a triple jackpot during Avengers' Multiball on Fear Itself!

  • Prison Break

    Break into the Prison and start the Ambush with Captain America on Civil War.

  • Law Enforcement

    Lead a successful ambush with Iron Man on Civil War.

  • Sparring Complete

    Shoot at least 5 times at Ant-Man during Sparring on the Ant-Man table!

  • The secret formula

    Hit the Pym-particle ball enough times to start multiball on the Ant-Man table!

  • Alien substance

    Release the goo ball and return it to Venom on the Venom table.

  • Wall-crawlers

    Start a battle and help Spidey to weaken the symbiote on the Venom table.