Mantis Burn Racing [FAKE]

PlayStation 4

Mantis Burn Racing [FAKE] Trophies

Most Earned

(Weekly) challenge excepted
(Weekly) challenge excepted15TrophyTypeCompete in a weekly challenge
Airbourne Division
Airbourne Division15TrophyTypeAchieve 'Awesome' Air
Around the block
Around the block30TrophyTypeVisit all of Sand Town's and New Shangri-la's tracks
Cheating, surely?
Cheating, surely?15TrophyTypeDrive through 3 different shortcuts

Least Earned

You want to get in the boot?
You want to get in the boot?15TrophyTypeStay in a continuous draft for over 6 seconds
Wrecking the joint
Wrecking the joint15TrophyTypeAchieve 'Awesome' Damage
Well that's embarassing
Well that's embarassing15TrophyTypeLap another vehicle in a race event
Well that's a game changer
Well that's a game changer15TrophyTypeInstall a x2 upgrade
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