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Magnetic: Cage Closed E3 Gameplay Trailer

Magnetic: Cage Closed, a game that focuses on its unique gameplay element of attracting and repelling blocks to solve puzzles, has released a new gameplay trailer showcasing some of these core mechan

Posted 7 years ago by Ben Crouch

Croteam And Guru Games Developer Interview

Guru Games and Croteam, developers of upcoming puzzle titles Magnetic: Cage Closed and The Talos Principle, have taken the unusual step of interviewing each other prior to their respective releases l

Posted 7 years ago by David Johnston

Magnetic: Cage Closed Trailer

To celebrate its release on PC, a new trailer has been unveiled for Magnetic: Cage Closed, which is a puzzle-platformer in the Portal tradition, except this time with magnets. As well as all of the a

Posted 7 years ago by Chewie

Gameplay Video For Magnetic: Cage Closed

Following on from last week's walkthrough video and ahead of the game's release on Steam next week, developer Guru Games has released a video - sprinkled with narration by lead artist Marcus Billborg

Posted 7 years ago by Andy Mills

Magnetic: Cage Closed Developer Walkthrough Video

Guru Games provides us with a developer walkthrough of their upcoming title, Magnetic: Cage Closed, a first-person perspective game that utilizes a magnetic gun to traverse and escape a location know

Posted 7 years ago by Peter Stojanov

Magnetic: Cage Closed Coming to Playstation 4

Indie developer Guru Games has announced that, along with publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment, they will be bringing their FPS Puzzler, Magnetic: Cage Closed, to Playstation 4. http://www.true

Posted 7 years ago by Matrarch

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