Magic: The Gathering - DotP 2014

PlayStation 3

Magic: The Gathering - DotP 2014 Trophies

Most Earned

Flawless Victory
Flawless Victory16TrophyTypeWin a game without losing any life.
Worthy Adversary
Worthy Adversary16TrophyTypeDefeat the "Avacyn's Glory" deck in campaign mode.
Defeat Ramaz's Ally
Defeat Ramaz's Ally17TrophyTypeDefeat the "Chant of Mul Daya" deck in campaign mode.
Acquire the Sliver Fossil
Acquire the Sliver Fossil18TrophyTypeDefeat the "Sliver Hive" deck in campaign mode.

Least Earned

Expansion 1: Master Mage
Expansion 1: Master Mage27TrophyTypeSolve all expansion challenges.
Expansion 1: Explorer Mage
Expansion 1: Explorer Mage24TrophyTypeWin a game with each expansion deck
Expansion 1: Spellblast
Expansion 1: Spellblast23TrophyTypeDeal 10 damage to a player with a single spell or ability.
Expansion 1: Equipped for Victory
Expansion 1: Equipped for Victory22TrophyTypeControl a permanent with two or more Equipment attached to it.
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