Magic: The Gathering - DotP

PlayStation 3

Magic: The Gathering - DotP Trophies

Most Earned

The Spark
The Spark15TrophyTypeWin a game
Devastator17TrophyTypeDeal 20 combat damage to a player in a single turn in a game
Magic: The Puzzling
Magic: The Puzzling19TrophyTypeComplete a challenge
Life Preserver
Life Preserver20TrophyTypeIncrease your life total to 30 or more in single player, or 60 or more in Two-Headed Giant

Least Earned

Last One Standing
Last One Standing61TrophyTypeWin a 3- or 4-player match on PlayStation®Network
Salt in the Wound
Salt in the Wound56TrophyTypeAn opponent's last permanent leaves the battlefield
Tsunami of Pain
Tsunami of Pain55TrophyTypeDeal 12 combat damage to an opponent in a single attack with one blue creature
Overflowing Harvest
Overflowing Harvest55TrophyTypePut 8 lands onto the battlefield in one turn
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