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    04 Oct 2020
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    In stark contrast to the simply brilliant Mafia: Difinitive Edition, this is a very lazy port of the game that is a massive dissappointment.

    The first games rebuild is truly amazing, bringing it in line the Mafia III's mechanics and controls, the visual overhaul is brilliant and the sound is what you'd expect from a modern release. Skip to Mafia II: Definitive Edition and you'll see the aame graphics as the PS3/Xbox 360 version, the sound is often out of kilter and on a rare occassion it's hard to hear what is being said by the characters on screen. Worst of all, the games handling of gameplay is exactly the same.

    What Hangar 13 gave with one hand they took with another. The story is obviously the same and you can't take anything away from the game from that, what is truly upsetting is the fact the same bugs and glitches still plague portions of the games infrastructure. For example, when driving, it's still possible to lose control in a straight line and spin out, I've had glitches that allow enemies to shoot through walls on hard mode and the latest is Vito's hat sinking half way down his head during a cutscene and then his face disappearing for a few minutes after the scene ended. It comes across as a rushed port release whilst they worked on the rebuilding of Mafia.

    It's a sheer mess, even now, with a few patches, it still suffers with being a constant pain in places that can draw you away from the story. Which is a shame because a lovingly made port of the title would have been highly celebrated, especially as it comes late in the PS4's lifecycle.

    A truly wasted opportunity to bring the Mafia franchise in to a glorious swansong for the PS4. Instead, we have a brilliant rebuild of the first, mediocre port of the second and the third was just rereleased on to the trilogy version.
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    sereveusWhat a mediocre review. There are some incredible graphics improvements and it has perfect mechanics. You need to understand that mafia 2 does not need a remake. And, as a remaster, it perfectly fulfills its objective
    Posted by sereveus on 14 Aug 23 at 09:10
    SolaceCreedYou're commenting 2years after updates there, pal. Maybe look at the date before making silly comments.
    Posted by SolaceCreed on 14 Aug 23 at 11:32
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