Maddening Overload

Maddening Overload

PlayStation 4

Maddening Overload Trophies

Most Earned

The Circle Is A Metaphor
The Circle Is A Metaphor15TrophyTypeSurvive 30 seconds in Arcade Mode
Karoshi17TrophyTypeDie in under one second in Arcade Mode
A Challenger Appears
A Challenger Appears24TrophyTypeComplete 10 challenges
Minuteman24TrophyTypeSurvive 60 seconds in Arcade Mode

Least Earned

Trophy Not Found
Trophy Not Found30TrophyTypeSurvive 404 seconds in Arcade Mode
Oddly Specific
Oddly Specific15TrophyTypeDie between 167:46 and 168:37 seconds in Arcade Mode
Certifiably Insane
Certifiably Insane90TrophyTypeComplete all 101 challenges
Hemisphere159TrophyTypeComplete 50 challenges
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