Madagascar 3: The Video Game

PlayStation 3

Madagascar 3: The Video Game Trophies

Most Earned

All Aboard for Adventure!
All Aboard for Adventure!15TrophyTypeFinish Italian Countryside Tutorials
Aye Aye, Skipper!
Aye Aye, Skipper!16TrophyTypeFinish A Mission for Skipper
Au Revoir, Dubois!
Au Revoir, Dubois!16TrophyTypeDefeat Chantal Dubois
Ticket to Adventure!
Ticket to Adventure!16TrophyTypeGet 5 Stars in any Ticket Sales

Least Earned

Everything!244TrophyTypeEarn every Trophy in the game
The Ultimate Showman!
The Ultimate Showman!40TrophyTypeFind all 195 Stars for Alex
Circus Beauty!
Circus Beauty!40TrophyTypeFind all 195 Flowers for Gloria
A Rare Sight!
A Rare Sight!40TrophyTypeFind all 195 Thermometers For Melman
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