2. MONOPOLY Plus General Hints & TipsUpdate notes

For the walkthrough of Monopoly Plus, we are going to have you play in a 6-player local game, sharing the controller between all 6 players. All 6 of those players will be you.

Trophies only count on the player whose profile it is, which will be Player 1, so make sure you prioritize Player 1 at all times. All 5 of the others should be playing in an unrealistically passive way to allow the first player, your profile, to gain the monopoly.

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No actual on-board property should ever be bought at asking price. All players will have the option to put a property up for auction instead of buying it for asking price. Have your Player 1 bid a single dollar/pound/euro/yen/etc. and have the other 5 players withdraw from the auction. As a bonus incentive, there's a trophy for buying a property at a good auction, but no trophies are missed by never buying in the conventional sense.

Despite Monopoly being a game with both shuffled cards and random dice, the playthrough can be structured easily enough to get every trophy. If you follow these steps, you'll have no problem getting them all.

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