Major League Baseball 2K11

PlayStation 3

Major League Baseball 2K11 Trophies

Most Earned

Down But Not Out
Down But Not Out16TrophyTypeGet a hit with 2 strikes in a non-simulated game.
Grab Some Pine
Grab Some Pine16TrophyTypeGet a strikeout to end the inning in a non-simulated game.
State Farm™- The Road to Victory
State Farm™- The Road to Victory17TrophyTypeGet 3 consecutive batters on base in a non-simulated game.
A Pitcher's Best Friend
A Pitcher's Best Friend18TrophyTypeTurn a double play in a non-simulated game.

Least Earned

The Hall
The Hall124TrophyTypeMake the Hall of Fame in My Player Mode.
King of the Hill
King of the Hill62TrophyTypeGet to the top of the Best of the Best ladder in Home Run Derby® Mode.
He Taketh Away
He Taketh Away62TrophyTypeRob a Home Run in a non-simulated game.
2-Peat92TrophyTypeWin Back to Back World Series® in My Player Mode.
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MLB 2K Series Cancelled

A console constant since launch, 2K Sports told Joystiq that they are officially canceling their Major League Baseball 2K series. In a quote to Joystiq, a 2K representative said: (We have) decided no

Posted 4 years ago by osubluejacket, 8 comments