MLB 13: The Show - Home Run Derby Edition Reviews

  • Fat-ChrlSFat-ChrlS14,351
    17 Nov 2013 03 Feb 2014
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    This is the Home Run Derby portion of MLB The Show cut out of the full game and sold to you with 4 trophies. There really is not much gameplay to review as the only goal of the entire game is to hit home runs. If you're buying this game for trophies; its great and the the full list [3 Gold trophies and 1 Bronze] can be unlocked in less than 2 minutes. If you're buying it for gameplay I'd recommend buying the full game which is only a few dollars more in a used game bin at a local store since that offers the full game.

    Overall this is a great purchase for trophy hunters and will quickly boost your level in a just a couple minutes (literally).
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    Linkx41Glad I got it when it was free :P
    Posted by Linkx41 On 01 Dec 13 at 05:04
    TheTimeHasCome6It actually has 3 gold and 1 bronze.
    Posted by TheTimeHasCome6 On 07 Jan 14 at 23:32
    JudgeDreddpoolUKHow much is it & when was it free?
    Posted by JudgeDreddpoolUK On 15 Jan 14 at 09:51
    Posted by Fat-ChrlS On 03 Feb 14 at 18:25
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