MLB 12 The Show

PlayStation 3

MLB 12 The Show Trophies

Most Earned

"RESPECT THE GAME!"17TrophyTypeIn any game mode, enter a game with a mismatching uniform.
Free Baseball
Free Baseball19TrophyTypeIn any game mode, win a game in extra innings.
You Blew It
You Blew It19TrophyTypeIn any mode, blow your opponents save opportunity. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.
In The Bag!
In The Bag!21TrophyTypeAs the batter, hit 1st, 2nd, or 3rd base with the ball. Trophy is not achievable in Home Run Derby™ or Challenge of the Week.

Least Earned

Everyone's a Winner
Everyone's a Winner425TrophyTypeWin a game with every MLB® team. Must be done in full, uninterrupted, 9-inning games.
King Slayer
King Slayer351TrophyTypeIn Exhibition Mode, beat the team that is ranked first overall in the team select screen with Pitching and Batting difficulties set to Legend. Must be done in a full, uninterrupted, 9 inning game.
Zone Plus Analog Blast
Zone Plus Analog Blast56TrophyTypeWith hitting difficulty set to All-Star or harder, hit a home run using Zone Plus Analog controls. This trophy is not unlockable in Home Run Derby™ modes.
Don't Phase Me Bro
Don't Phase Me Bro104TrophyTypeIn any game mode, hit a home run off a 100+ MPH pitch. Must be done against a CPU controlled team.
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