MLB 11 The Show

PlayStation 3

MLB 11 The Show Trophies

Most Earned

Strong Arm
Strong Arm22TrophyTypeThrow the ball into the stands when attempting to throw out a runner at 1st.
Insider143TrophyTypeIn any mode get an inside the park Home Run. Must be completed vs. the CPU.
Momma's Boy
Momma's Boy26TrophyTypeIn any season mode, hit a Home Run on Mother's Day with a pink bat.
Ice Cold
Ice Cold27TrophyTypeHit a Home Run to dead center in Coors Field.

Least Earned

Today... I am the greatest
Today... I am the greatest367TrophyTypeIn any mode, with any single player, accumulate 130 or more stolen bases in a single Season.
Sell Your Body
Sell Your Body58TrophyTypeMake a diving catch in foul territory for an out.
Peak Training
Peak Training332TrophyTypeIn RTTS, reach level 5 in all training modes as a pitcher or a batter.
Psychic306TrophyTypeWith Guess Pitch on, in any mode, correctly guess 10 pitches in a row (Location OR Pitch) vs. the CPU on All-Star or higher difficulty.
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