MLB 11 The Show

PlayStation 3

MLB 11 The Show Trophies

Most Earned

Strong Arm
Strong Arm21TrophyTypeThrow the ball into the stands when attempting to throw out a runner at 1st.
Insider143TrophyTypeIn any mode get an inside the park Home Run. Must be completed vs. the CPU.
Momma's Boy
Momma's Boy27TrophyTypeIn any season mode, hit a Home Run on Mother's Day with a pink bat.
Batting Performance Evaluated
Batting Performance Evaluated54TrophyTypeAs a Batter in RttS, have 3 or more "Good" or better At Bats in a single game at the MLB Level.

Least Earned

Today... I am the greatest
Today... I am the greatest459TrophyTypeIn any mode, with any single player, accumulate 130 or more stolen bases in a single Season.
Peak Training
Peak Training374TrophyTypeIn RTTS, reach level 5 in all training modes as a pitcher or a batter.
Sell Your Body
Sell Your Body59TrophyTypeMake a diving catch in foul territory for an out.
The Billy Goat
The Billy Goat56TrophyTypeIn Season or Franchise mode, win the World Series as the Cubs. Good luck, you're going to need it! Must be full 9 inning games, simulating of World Series games will invalidate the trophy.
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