MLB 10 The Show

PlayStation 3

MLB 10 The Show Trophies

Most Earned

Sawed Off
Sawed Off17TrophyTypeIn any mode, break the hitter's bat.
On the Rocks
On the Rocks20TrophyTypeIn any mode, hit a home run into the rocks in left-center in Anaheim.
Out Pitch
Out Pitch39TrophyTypeIn any one-player mode, with any pitcher, strike out the side using the same pitch for each "out" pitch.
Back-To-Back20TrophyTypeHit back-to-back home runs in any mode (Excludes HRD and Practice).

Least Earned

Hamilwho?838TrophyTypeIn HRD, hit 29 or more home runs with any player in a single round.
Stolen Thunder
Stolen Thunder122TrophyTypeThrow out two runners attempting to steal a base in any RTTS game.
RTTS Road Warrior
RTTS Road Warrior120TrophyTypeWin 8 out of 10 starts on the road in RTTS on All-Star or higher difficulty.
Crazy Eights
Crazy Eights169TrophyTypeIn the Knockout Pitch Training or Practice Mode, knock out all eight sections in eight pitches.
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