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Dev Diary #3 for Mind 0

MIND 0 (Vita), released this week, has another Dev Diary from Keiichi Kawakami, the game's director. We learn a little more about MINDS and why we might not want to run into one.

Posted 7 years ago by Cindy Minguez

MIND 0 Developer's Diary #2

In a newly released video for MIND 0 (Vita), the game's director, Keiichi Kawakami, tells us a little of what to expect from their upcoming dungeon-crawler. We live in the Outer Realm; our MINDS live

Posted 7 years ago by Cindy Minguez

New Dev Diary for Vita RPG Mind Zero

Episode One in a series of developer diaries was put out today for upcoming PS Vita title Mind Zero by developers Zero Div and Acquire. The video diary goes into a little bit of detail about the supe

Posted 7 years ago by Brandon Fusco