PlayStation 3


Most Earned

In Anarchy, Timing is Everything
In Anarchy, Timing is Everything16TrophyTypeEvade 10 times. (Campaign Mode)
Anarchy is a Killer Weapon!
Anarchy is a Killer Weapon!17TrophyTypeDefeat 50 enemies with Killer Weapon attacks. (Campaign Mode)
Big Combo Anarchy
Big Combo Anarchy34TrophyTypeDefeat an enemy with a combo of 100 hits or longer. (Campaign Mode)
The Best Defense is Anarchy
The Best Defense is Anarchy17TrophyTypeDefend against an enemy attack 10 times. (Campaign Mode)

Least Earned

Platinum Anarchist
Platinum Anarchist404TrophyTypeObtain all Trophies.
Burnt Out Anarchy
Burnt Out Anarchy66TrophyTypeDefeat all the bosses while in a Rampage. (Campaign Mode)
Anarchy Reigns is an Oxymoron
Anarchy Reigns is an Oxymoron66TrophyTypeStarting on Black Side, complete the Campaign on hard difficulty.
Mad Anarchy
Mad Anarchy65TrophyTypeStarting on White Side, complete the Campaign on hard difficulty.
All MAX ANARCHY Trophies