PlayStation 3


Most Earned

Slayer15TrophyTypeYou've put down a power holder.
No Guard
No Guard19TrophyTypeYou've cleared a scene without any guard.
Story Completed
Story Completed39TrophyTypeYou've completed the story mode.
1 Kill Cleared
1 Kill Cleared92TrophyTypeYou've cleared this scene by defeating the power holder exclusively.

Least Earned

All S Rank Completed
All S Rank Completed168TrophyTypeYou've completed all scenes of the story mode on Normal difficulty at S rank.
No Repair
No Repair496TrophyTypeYou've completed the story mode on Normal difficulty without repairing the Spirit Vessel or using a continue.
10,000 Kills
10,000 Kills78TrophyTypeYou've killed 10,000 enemies in total.
Ranking Debut
Ranking Debut69TrophyTypeYou've made a debut in our ranking.
All MALICIOUS Trophies


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