2. Lost Planet 2 General hints and tipsUpdate notes

First of all, it is a good idea to write down which Good Job Awards (or GJ) and Noms de Guerre (or Noms) you have as you unlock them, or simply have a list of all the awards and Noms and simply cross them off as you earn them. It is also a good idea for your boosting partners to do the same, as this will avoid a lot of confusion about who needs what. Certain awards and Noms require a certain number of players, so it pays to plan ahead.

When it comes to the multiplayer, it is imperative that when you start on things requiring you to play in Ranked that you work towards the Gunner rank first, as any losses and DNFs you accrue in Ranked will actually increase the amount of time it takes to earn. It also helps if you go after matches won and played, etc. after you have gotten everything else, as it lessens the amount of matches you will have to get.

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When it comes to playing the campaign on Extreme, it pays to have the right loadout. You unlock weapons and abilities via the slot machine, and you get points by collecting those boxes that enemies drop when you kill them. So, while it is possible to complete the game on Extreme in only two playthroughs, it would make things unnecessarily difficult for yourself. One thing to note is that when AI controlled players die it does NOT drain your battle gauge, whereas if you play with other people, it WILL drain the battle gauge when they die. It will also drain the battle gauge when a VS you are piloting is destroyed, even if you get out in time to avoid dying.

When it comes to the training missions, they aren't terribly hard to gold star. What IS excruciatingly difficult, however, is getting a world record in one of them as, over time, they have become increasingly more difficult to obtain. Of course, it is technically possible to get the number one Nom de Guerre by boosting one of the ranked multiplayer leaderboards but, as of yet, the highest anyone has achieved via this method is number 3. It is currently unknown whether the top spots in these ranked leaderboards are hacked or simply very, very high.

NOTE: Cheaters on the game have also hacked the training mission leaderboards, so it is impossible to obtain this Nom without cheating yourself.

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