1. Lost Planet 2 Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello, and welcome to the Lost Planet 2 trophy walkthrough. I shall be going over how to obtain every achievement in the game. This is certainly one of the grindiest games out there, requiring players to earn hundreds of Good Job Awards (or GJ) and Noms de Guerre (or Noms).

The campaign can be completed solo and a good chunk of GJ awards and Noms de Guerre can be knocked out solo. Playing with just one other person or a dummy account you can unlock a lot of multiplayer based GJ awards and Noms. Some trophies, GJ awards and Noms require a full party of four people.

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I have organised the walkthrough as follows: I will give a guide on simply how to beat the campaign, as you will need to beat it first on hard and then on extreme. I will then have a breakdown of each individual Good Job Award followed by a similar breakdown on each individual Nom de Guerre.

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