Players that want to boost this game

Gamer Trophies Won TT XP Presence
Mexico SilsRayleigh SilsRayleigh 60 2,878
Brazil Andre_BigBoss Andre_BigBossQuer comprar jogos barato ? Códigos oficiais de Xbox One \PS4\PS Vita vai la na minha lojinha 22 655
Canada AustinH96663 AustinH96663PS4 Up and working 14 308
Sweden Chijatsu ChijatsuMan having less than 50% of your trophies sucks big time. Guess I have to work with that. 7 128
Russian Federation Creciente Creciente 16 385
England Digestedgolem DigestedgolemTrying to see the good in life through all the bad 2 33
USA ExMortisInvictus ExMortisInvictus*Finally* starting Horizon: Zero Dawn! 20 466
USA GenoStarrz GenoStarrz 52 2,146
USA IXICleaner7IXI IXICleaner7IXIFuck you, Sage! 2 33
Denmark junckerkids junckerkids 13 296
England Katleesi KatleesiJuice on! 44 1,964
USA Majik_666 Majik_666Behind you with a knife 57 2,300
USA Multicron MulticronNeed help with Borderlands GOTY Moxxi / Underdome. 0 0
Brazil nethernil nethernilLive and let die! 2 33
USA Nuwisha NuwishaI would do unsavory things for an HD remake of Skies of Arcadia with an app (Vita or phone) replica of Pinta's Quest 24 568
USA Patriot65108 Patriot65108Finally played Journey, and I can't believe I waited this long, brilliant game! 5 111
USA russiandude123 russiandude123 57 4,221
USA Wookiee_Hairem Wookiee_HairemDarkside II Deathinitive Edition Free on PS Plus woohoo! Still think it's bs they fixed the ps4 vers 16 337
Canada SteveCheraLouis SteveCheraLouisI know all the lights green but I still don’t want to let you go. 11 243
USA v4nd1t21 v4nd1t21 2 33
USA Weezleram WeezleramI need some good family-friendly coop games for PS4 (other than LBP). Any suggestions? 52 3,569
USA xI_Pitbull_Ix xI_Pitbull_Ix 60 2,402
USA xRILEY85x xRILEY85x 41 1,284