3. Little Nightmares Story walkthroughUpdate notes


Chapter 1: The Prison

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After the opening cut scene, you will awake as “Six” in a suitcase. Equip your lighter, and Sprint with to the far side. You should see a closed metal latch, which we will need to open. However, before doing so be sure to light lantern #1/20, which is in plain view, which should automatically light when standing beside it with the lighter on. You should see an autosave symbol. (If you skipped the other sections of the guide, this is the only collectable where there are more than you need. However, I’d recommend grabbing them all as you find them for ease.)

After you’ve lit the lantern, proceed through the vent. Press L2 to crouch and ignite your lighter, traversing through the vent. Keep going straight through until you drop down on a box outside. Move forward, and you’ll see a large staircase which you will need to climb. Immediately to your left after passing them you should see an alcove (if you had gone on further, you'd reach wooden planks covering a doorway and a small gap at the bottom.) Go into the alcove, and you’ll find Doll #1/10. To register geisha doll collectables, pick it up with R2, hold R2 and press A to throw (and break) them. You should see an autosave icon in the bottom right corner after doing so.

Proceed past the alcove and crouch / slide with L2 through the gap in the wood. Move forwards in the room until you can climb a box onto a bed. We’ll be earning our first trophy momentarily. We’ll need to head through the window above it, but before doing so just on the bed repeatedly to unlock:

Jump through the open window after popping that trophy and you’ll come to a room with a hanging man and his chair. Grab and pull the chair until you’re close to the door handle, jump on the chair and off it towards the door, pressing R2 in mid-air to grab the handle.

Run forward to the fridge and open it. We will need to climb this to proceed but before doing so notice that a gnome runs out of the fridge, which we will need to cuddle. Run right past the fridge and crawl through the vent (use the lighter if it’s dark). Through this vent, you will find lantern #2/20 and interact with the gnome #1/13 to hug & register it. You should hear a chime.

Go back to the fridge and climb it. Move forwards, using the lighter and minding the gap / the leeches. After this passage, climb onto the box and turn on the switch. Then proceed through, jump across the gap and pull off the plank. Crawl under it with L2.

After this, move forward a bit more and you’ll fall through the floor into some black goo. When you regain control, ignite your lighter and run around the many leeches on the floor. It’s an instadeath if you run into them, but are easily avoidable with light to guide your way. Push the door to get to the next room.

In this room, traverse the gap and you should see lantern #3/20 underneath the ladder. Light it, then climb up the ladder. Once climbed, you can either move carefully across the beam or sprint, jump and grab the ledge via the gap. Either way get to the stairs, climb up them and then move onto the platform that continues towards the screen. Then jump off to the right, again minding the gap, and running up the stairs. Turn left, jump across yet another gap, and you’ll come to a wheel.

For this “puzzle” we simply need to full turn the wheel (by grabbing and rotating LS). Once it can’t be moved any more quickly turn around, spring and jump across the gap we used to get here, then sprint and slide under the closing door.

Move forwards, slide under the gap, and you’ll be back outside. Climb the handkerchief rope and through the window. Once inside again, you’ll notice lantern #4/20 to your left. Light it, then move through the gap in the door. If you’re careful, you can get through without swinging the door open. If you do, then don’t worry – just get the other side of it and close it so we can see the switch we need to activate. Pull the box of toilet paper towards the switch so we can jump up, and then jump and grab mid-air to pull the switch. After this, we need to sprint with Square through the metal grate and then keep sprinting across this entire room through the second metal grate. There is a timer but it is extremely generous; as long as you are sprinting there is no risk of death here.

Move through this corridor to come to a light puzzle, which is much easier than it looks. A spotlight will move across the room, and if it sees you it’s an instadeath. When entering the room, hide in a diagonal position to the first pillar. Then we’ll be tricking the puzzle; when the light has moved right and the coast is clear, go straight to the back of the room (by the doors), and you’ll notice you can go around the sphere of light instead of sprinting between shadow points. Move to the right where there is a tower of grid boxes and shelves. You easily be able to see lantern #5/20. Then climb the grate to the top.

Once you reach the top box you should be able to jump on onto a wooden floor, with doors in the background. Before we do so stay on the boxes and go hard right, under the mini raling above you and down until we naturally move down to an open grid box we can crawl through. Inside, you should be able to interact with gnome #2/13, and should also be able to light lantern #6/20. Head back through the gap, and climb down to the where we first began. Climb back up to the top level and this time climb up to the wooden upper level. We won’t be turning right to continue the story, instead, we’ll be going left as there is another collectable. Head all the way to the left, arc around, and there will be an open doorway. Inside is doll #2/10. Grab and throw it to register.

Now go all the way to the right on this upper level to finally continue the story. You’ll find yourself in a room with beds….and your first enemy encounter. You can hide under the bed, but it is just as easy to speedrun it - just sprint through this room (sprint/jump by the door) and keep going until you enter a small room with a climbable grid immediately as you enter. Climb up the grid, jump onto the shelf, onto the beam and through the hole. Then just climb through the vent.

Once we’ve dropped down, a story even will occur. You’ll bend over in hunger/pain over and over again, in between which you’ll be moving slower and slower to the right. Just keep moving in the gaps. When you are at a barred set of windows and can see the person eating, just wait. Eventually, he/she/they will throw you a piece of bread. Interact with it to eat it and end this annoying section. Fully in control again, jump onto the box, onto the metal box, and through the gap.

In the next room, notice the noose above. Then keep moving right through two rooms until we come to an electrified fence we can NOT move through. However, to the left are tons of climbable boxes. Climb and jump your way to the top until you see lantern #7/20. Light it. After doing that, carefully move along the beams and wait until you can jump on the boxes, which are hanging down from a chain in the middle. If you feel you’re going to miss, grab with R2 as the sides of the boxes are made of metal mesh you can hold. Climb up the long chain the box is attached to. When Six is above the platform to the right, jump to the right to get onto the platform.

Climb up the mesh boxes and push the switch first. Once the big box has ascended, pull the lever all the way to the right. When it hits the platform hit the lever all the way to the left and jump on the moving box quickly. We’ll need to climb up the chain again but don’t do it until the box arrives at the next platform as its quite easy for inexperienced players to jump off and die here. Contrary to instinct you will not get crushed here, so just play it cool. Once the box has finished moving to the left climb up the chain and jump onto the platform on your left. Proceed to the next room.

In said room, you’ll see another electrified grate some filing cabinets and a switch. Go to the leftmost cabinet, and pull the bottom drawer out all the way. Jump on it. Then pull the middle cabinet half way, so it creates a stair-like effect. Jump on that. Then jump up and to the right onto the middle set of cabinets, and then run and jump onto the switch to deactivate the electric field for both this grate and the grate a few minutes back. Run through the deactivated grate on your left, past the counterweight all the way to the left and you’ll see Lantern #8/20 which needs to be lit. Then open the small cage directly beside it. A gnome will run out. Follow it to the right, through the grate (into the room with the switch and filing cabinet) and he’ll be in the back corner. Hug gnome #3/13.

Come back to the room with the counterweight, and push it off. Wait a few moments and the noose we noted earlier will fling up. Jump and Hold onto it with R2 and it will descend down. Keep holding R2 the entire time, or you will fall to your death. Upon reaching the ground safely, equip your lighter and run right through the two rooms again. Mind the leeches.

Move through the now deactivated grate to our 2nd and last light puzzle. We’ll be using the same tactic as the first; once the light has moved to the right, move to the back of the room, jumping towards the centre. As the light comes back to the left, jump over to the right and through the doorway. Timing is a bit tighter this time, so feel free to hold back if you are unsure if you have enough time or not.

We are nearing the end of the chapter now. Run through the doorway, and down the metal stairs but don’t sprint; you’ll need your stamina for the next surprisingly tricky jump. Jump through the gap with a metal box falling down it and onto the bigger box that is on the second platform. As the platform shrinks, just say on the box and jump to safety as and when it becomes possible. Then simply sprint all the way to the right to the gnomes to reach a drop and the end of the chapter.

Upon completing Chapter 1, you should unlock

Chapter 2: The Lair

This chapter is probably the longest in the game, and has significantly more enemy encounters than the first; however, don’t fear as it really isn’t too bad with a bit of trial and error.

When the chapter loads, run up the stairs (be careful with changing camera angles) and through the door. Jump up onto the blue table to light lantern #9/20. Jump down, and then push the chair to the rightmost tile with black goo on it. It’ll unlock a door. Open it. In the next room, go behind the table in the background to spook a gnome, head left through both rooms and back into the area with the stairs. Climb the second set of stairs (again the camera can be awkward here so tread carefully). After reaching the second level, move past the steel door into the left corner (use the lighter if too dark) and hug gnome #4/13. Then climb up the final staircase (yet again, careful of camera angles) and jump onto the box, into the hole.

There are a few things to do in this room. Grab the suitcase in the middle of the room, and drag it all the way to the right where the lever is so we can jump on the suitcase, jump, and mid-air grab the switch to bring the bed down. Before climbing the bed, I’d advise just pushing the door to the right of the switch open a bit more so we can get through it easily in a minute. Climb the bed, then climb up the very tall set of shelves. Jump onto the top of the cabinet, and wait for a moment. Underneath you, you should see a key on a table, and a double drawer tower to your left. Do not jump down to the table yet. A) You will die, it’s too far Circle) we need to get a collectable first. Instead, jump to the double drawer tower, then onto the beam to the left with toilet paper on it (this jump can be tricky). On said beam is doll #3/10. Grab and smash the doll. Then head back to the double drawer tower and now jump down to the key. You won’t die from this distance. Keep holding R2 to keep hold of the key, and just drop down (don’t jump) from the key table to the floor. You will drop the key and fall but you won’t die. Then head through the door we opened earlier.

Go not the next area, and notice that we can’t jump onto the next step without dropping the key. To counteract this, hold the key and throw it with A (like we do to break the dolls) and it will throw the key onto the upper step. Climb it, then pick up the key and move towards the lock to automatically unlock it.

Push the door, and in the next room is a cymbal monkey toy. Pick it up and hold on to it. On the right side of a closed elevator directly in front of you is a button, stand in front of it and throw the monkey onto the button by holding A. The elevator will rise. Once it arrives, go in and do the same thing with the monkey toy, except this time it’ll be on the right-hand side. We’ll have to hide in here later but for now, we’re fine.

Once the elevator opens, proceed through for another annoying hunger story scripted bit. Just keep moving left between your tummy rumbles and eventually you’ll see a piece of raw meat in a cage. Interact with it to satisfy your hunger, but lose your freedom.

After the cutscene, we’ll need to get out of the cage. To do so, move from right to left to gradually barge the cage you’re in off the edge, breaking it open in the process. To progress the story we would need to go right; however, if you go left the next area has a lantern. In the corner of this room, plainly visible is lantern #10/20. After this, go back to the right. We will need to grab the rightmost cage and position it under the pull chain. Once you’ve done so, jump up onto said pull chain and swing left to right to gather some momentum. We’ll need to swing off the chain, sprint and slide under the quickly shutting door.

Once on the other side turn around and use the now shut door to climb up. Jump to the right onto the platform when available. Behind the bathtub, in the corner by the guillotine, is lantern #11/20. Then continue forward, through the gap in the wall.

In the next room, we have an enemy encounter. Crawl along the floor until he turns around and notices you. Then sprint to the right corner that is closest to the screen, NOT the back, and you can slide under a gap in the door. He won’t go away yet, though. Stay crouched very close to this gap. As the janitor comes into the room with us to investigate, crawl back through the gap (move your camera with RS to the right, if you want to see his movements). After looking, he’ll get bored and go back into the room we are now in, when he does so we’ll need to crawl back through again to the darker room. He should shut the door after that, leaving us to pick up the detached lever, attach it and wind it. When winding it, do 1 and a half rotation. The janitor will hear us and come to kill us again, so as soon as you can quickly run and go down the hatch.

Move right through the vent. When we drop down for the first time you’ll see a suitcase and by that suitcase lantern #12/20. After that, don’t go into the vent yet, instead climb the wall next (positioned directly to the right of the lantern, directly to the left of the vent.) Head through the gap. Follow the gnome and hug gnome #5/13. Go back down, through the second vent we ignored before and continue on.

Eventually, we will drop down onto a suitcase in a room full of shoes. Stay on the suitcase a second. If you viewed the marketing material for this game pre-release this area might look familiar and is easy to navigate. Take a running jump off the suitcase and the janitor will be hiding under the shoes, slowly but surely coming towards you. Stay calm, and head to the suitcase, holding R2 to climb up instead of jumping. Then take a running jump to the top right and you’ll land right next to another suitcase. Take yet another running jump and then head to the final suitcase, then onto the platform and through the gap. If you do the following he should not come close to catching you.

The next bit is a case scene. Walk normally until you reach the stairs, then keep sprinting, sprinting, and sprinting, sliding under the 1 pipe when required. You’ll reach the elevator again and this time we need to hide; crawl into either the left or right box (your pick) and just wait it out. Eventually, he’ll leave on the right-hand side. As soon as he does, we can sprint there ourselves.

In the next room push the box with toys in it to the left off of the plank and move towards the monkey; the plank will give way, hence the need to move the box. Move forward until you come to a mini ladder with the Janitor overhead. Move past the ladder and follow the basement along until we reach a bend around. Equip your lighter, move to the back left of the room and you’ll see doll #4/10.

Now we will want to move back to the mini ladder. This bit can be quite tricky. Wait until he has moved into the room on the right, which he might be already if you picked the collectable up (if not wait until he is.) Then crawl up to the monkey toy, grab it, and throw it as far the to left of the screen (i.e. back in the direction we came from) as possible. Stay crouched, go through the gap and still stay sneaked. Stay right up close to the screen, otherwise, you’ll set of other toys and he’ll know where you are. Eventually, you’ll come to a set of drawers, climb up them (you’ll automatically break something here, nothing you can do). Keep climbing, move to the left and move the box to get to the hole. Climb through the hole, and into the vents again.

Drop down, and you’ll see the Janitor jumping off. Run to the door and it’ll fall down. It’ll knock down a clock, and cause a hell of a racket. Sprint, sprint, sprint to the right, get to the button and crouch in the darkness, waiting until he moves off-screen to the left. Crawl back to the left and grab a shoe, making sure you stay on the carpet at all times. Then move back to the button and wait until he sets off a clock. When he does, throw the shoe at the button and sprint, sprint, sprint through the next corridors and through the gap in the door.

Now we should be in a room with a load of books. Go to the right-hand side, and ground under the very long table by the right wall. Move under it, and you’ll scare our last gnome of the chapter. Move to the left by where we entered, and behind the tall stack of books to the left of the door when entering the room, the right of the door from our perspective. Between these books and a wooden stool is the gnome you need to hug. Spam R2 in this area and wait for the music to chime, so you know you’ve got gnome #6/13.

Head back to the right, and climb the bookcase wall on the right. You’ll see a piano hovering above, which we will be using for a misc. trophy. As you reach the top of the bookcase, you’ll see lantern #13/20 which needs to be lit. Then jump onto the piano at an opportune moment. When on the piano, get onto the keys and run up and down them. You can get stuck momentarily, so just do it a few times and you should be golden. Eventually, you will unlock

Now that’s done, jump back on top of the piano and wait for it to swing on the left so we can jump on the huge bookcase on the left. Climb up to the top, stay holding on until the janitor moves onwards, and then crawl behind him into the next room. The best way to tackle this room is actually the speed run method. Upon entering the room, you’ll notice a stack of books on the left, right up against the screen. Climb them, then run and jump off it. Head directly forwards and crouch through a gap in the bookcase, moving towards the screen a bit when inside. Sometimes this can be a close call but is more consistent than traversing the beams above. Then, climb the stack of books in front of you into the gap, and you’ll be in a new room.

In here, switch the TV on, grab the lever piece and wait in the right corner near the screen (behind the suitcase.) The janitor will come to investigrate. As soon as you can crawl behind him do so, and head back towards the gap. Once through the gap, sprint forward and you’ll see a candle on a bookcase to your left which counts as lantern #14/20 and pick up the lever again, running around the bookcase back to the spot where the lever needs to be inserted and wound; at this point, do so. This will bring the piano back up. Jump onto the piano, back over the other side, and into the gap in the wall.

In this room, you’ll see a metal cart you need to move across the train tracks. Pull it until you can get behind it to push it, and then push it onto the steam. If you pull it onto the steam the steam will kill you. When the cart is in the middle of the steam, get on the other side and pull it again, all the way to the end. Then go around it once more, jump on it and then use that to jump and mid-air grab the door handle. Do NOT let go of the door handle until it has full finished opening, or you’ll fall to your death.

We are finally nearing the end of this long chapter now, but there is a big encounter with the janitor left. Move forwards and there will be an obvious lantern #15/20. After this is an enemy encounter quite difficult to explain via text. A fraction on from the lantern you will see a gap. Run past this and to the pipes, where you’ll see another gap. Stop. Stay in the middle of the pipes, crouch and wait until the Janitors long arm comes through the gap. As soon as the janitor's arms come up above the height of six crawl past and then once safe sprint forwards. There is an element of trial and error to this, but once you’ve got the technique down its pretty easy.

Another chase scene will occur when you drop down from this vent. Sprint, sprint, sprint away from the Janitor. Stick to either side of the rail track that runs across the middle of the floor; you need to slide under the door at the end, and as there is a cage in the middle you need to be running offset from centre. I normally run to the right of the track.

Once in this room you’ll be in the final encounter of the chapter. Once you get the timing down, this one is a doddle. Essentially you’ll need to rip 2 pieces from the half-broken cage under the door, but the Janitors arms will be feeling away and can easily catch you. All you need to do is the following:

First, jump to the top of the grid boxes on the left-hand side.

Secondly, watch the right arm. It will feel around the laundry bin on the right-hand side. The moment his hand falls to the floor from the laundry bin, his arms will straighten and at this exact moment, you need to run to the right or left side of the box and pull, with R2, at the box until the piece of metal falls off. You’ll have to do this one more time, so repeat the exact method again and just pick the side of the box you didn’t choose the first time. With this, the Janitor will meet his end and you can move on through the obvious hatch to end the chapter, and thus unlock

Chapter 3: The Kitchen

When you load, just follow the vent(s) to a ladder, which you must ascend. You’ll be a room full of hooks, which we will need to grab and hold onto. GO to the end, and you will see a body bag on the floor. Jump onto it, and then when a hook passes hold onto the hook. Remember, hold R2 the entire way or you’ll definitely die. Hold the hook all the way outside, and drop off once you enter through the window to an interior with loads of sacks. The jump is high but you won’t die because of the cushioned landing.

A new chapter, a new food sequence. Something different is on the menu this time, though, which I won’t spoil. Push forward to the right, and eventually, you’ll come to your meal awaiting you in the middle of a room. Press R2 to eat.

After this, climb up the metal cart into the next room, and climb some more. You’ll come to a metal cart with a metal lid propped up against it, which we need to move forward. On top of said cart push the metal lid down to create a makeshift bridge. Run across, and drop down. Instead of continuing forward, come towards the screen and back on yourself and you will find a hole in the floor. Drop down the hole, move right through the vent into a room and you will see doll #5/10 on the altar. You know the drill; smash it, and move on.

In this same room, climb up the ladder on the right-hand wall. You’ll be back where you were before our little detour. Move forward to the next room. Push the cart to the window and jump through the window into the pantry.

The pantry in itself is a tricky area, but there is also an trophy here for putting 3 different items of food in a cauldron. Grab the carrot from the pantry (might be cheese, or another food item) and proceed into the corridor. There will be a gap in wall, which we will crawl through. After that crawl towards the screen, turn right to go under the chefs table. Keep crawling, he won’t hear or see you. Once you’re at the end of the table keep crawling forward to a 2nd hole in the wall. Enter through it and watch you don’t knock over the cans. Next, sprint to the small table right by the stove. Hide under there, and don’t worry if he hears you (in this playthrough he will catch us because of the misc. trophy.) Once he goes off to the left, crawl up to the cauldron in the middle of the room and throw the carrot/food item into cauldron. That’s 1. Now crawl under the table and grab the fish head. Go back to the cauldron and throw it in the mix. That’s 2. Finally, we will want to grab the piece of cheese that is right in front of the screen, by the wine bottle. Take it to the cauldron, add it to the pot and it should unlock:

If the food locations didn’t spawn in the same places for you don’t worry, there are tons of food around which you can easily find and take to the same spot. They must be 3 separate ingredients, but there are more than 3 to be found.

At this point, I would recommend restarting from the checkpoint. We will respawn in the pantry. Same as before, crawl through the gap, under the chef’s table and through the gap in the wall. From this point, crawl or run normally (DO NOT sprint) under the table and to the mini set of stairs by the cauldron. The majority of the time he won’t hear you. If he does, just find somewhere to crawl under and hide and wait for him to go away. Get to the white set of drawers in the top right corner and climb up them, then onto the beams. You’re going to want to follow the beam to the end, then turn left and follow that beam. Although not mandatory, I recommend you crawl as the camera and the height fluctuation of the beams can result in falling off and having to repeat the whole section. Eventually, you’ll come to a wooden platform. Climb up the boxes, and jump through the hole.

Continue through the bathroom, through the hallway and through into the pitch dark bedroom. Don’t put your lighter on, and don’t worry about sneaking, just run. At the left wall of the room is a radiator. Above it is a key, which we will need to get down. Climb the radiator, hang onto the key and swing left to right to jostle the key off of the hook and onto the floor, then hide under bed before picking up the key, then wait for him to leave (if we were speed running we could make a break for the elevator; however, we would miss some collectables by doing so.) Go back to the right, past the corridor and elevator, and enter the bathroom. In the top left corner, by the roll of toilet paper on the floor should be gnome #7/13 (he is not there if you don’t get the key first). Hug him, then jump onto the toilet, then onto the shelf on the left where there is a candle for lantern #16/20. Now you can head to the elevator with the key. It will go down automatically.

At the bottom of the elevator drop the key by the hole in the right wall. Then go back into the pantry. You’ll see a new jar there, which is moving around and has a cork in it. This has gnome #8/13 in it. Throw the jar, and hug the gnome quickly as one of the chefs probably heard the noise. Hide under the shelves on the far wall, or reload the checkpoint.

Now we will have to crawl through the kitchen again, this time to the door by the white shelves and not the white shelves themselves. Pick up the key, and take the same route we took before under the chef’s table to the hole in the wall not knocking over the cans. Move carefully to the stairs on the right this time, and to the door with a keyhole. Don’t sprint in this area, crawl or at the most move normally. Go up to it to automatically unlock the door. Push the door, and I this room simply jump on the table, onto the box and through the window hole.

In this next area are there a couple of things we need to do. Go under the desk, use the lighter, and you’ll find gnome #9/13. Hug him. After this, go to the dumb waiter on the far wall and jump in it to go up. Once up, there is a puzzle we may as well get out of the way first. We need to get 3 ham joints onto the trapdoors in the middle-right of the room. The first is already on it. The second is on the metal railing/table thing right next to where we entered the upper level. Drag the ham, then push it off the table, onto the floor and drag it onto the trapdoor (the physics here are very clunky). Then, climb the drawers on the left-hand side of the room, jump onto the hook and then swing onto the third and final ham joint. Just hold onto it, and it will naturally fall to the ground. Drag this ham and put it with the other 2 on the trap door. To complete the puzzle we’ll need to go back down, but first, go to the right wall and through the latch in the wall. In this area, you will find lantern #17/20 which can be lit, and in the right corner doll #6/10 to smash. Now we can head back down the dumb waiter. When back downstairs, you will see a meat grinder. Pull the key chain to drop the meat into the grinder, then rotate the wheel to churn out sausages. You need 3 sausage links to be made.

Use this as a rope to Tarzan across into the gap in the wall. Then traverse the vent to the right-hand side until you come out into a freezer room. Run through it to the corridor, and hit the switch to activate the elevator. Then run back into the freezer room and hide in the box in the middle of the room with an open crate on top. The chef will come looking for you, and shake the crate above you, but he will not find you at all. As he passes you, leg it to the elevator.

As soon as you are upstairs, go to the right wall and jump into the hole. We will need to hide in here until the chef has come in, looked around, and opened a new door on the left for us. As soon as he’s moved through, crawl behind him. Go to the right back of the room, and climb up the table, then the wine kegs, and finally onto the shelf to activate a candle for lantern #18/20.

Reload the checkpoint and you’ll return to where you were just after he opened the room we were just in. There are a couple of strategies here. I simply run through this room into the next room, alerting the chef, and in the 2nd room run towards the screen and to the right, where there is a hole in the wall. After sliding through that, I then sneak under this same hole, so he can’t find me. He’ll look around, eventually, he’ll get bored and leave, allowing me to grab the key on the table and move to the elevator. A stealthier route is to crawl through the various tables lining the room from right, to back, to left of the first room where he his chopping up the meat. Continue sneaking into the next room, and activate the meat grinder on the back wall. When he goes to investigrate, grab the key from the table in the first room and then run to the elevator.

Once we hit the bottom floor, we have no time to lose. Quickly open the door with the key, go to the metal box and hide it. The chef will come down and leave through the door to your right. Then jump onto the box, then onto the trash chute, the jump back onto the box and finally jump in the trash chute to take you down to the rubbish pit.

In the rubbish pit, head towards the screen and left and you should see doll #7/10 which needs to be smashed. After doing so, head to the right and climb up the boards. You’ll be in the floorboards.

Keep going to the right until you reach a table with two chefs cleaning a huge pile of dishes above you.

There are several, several ways to do this bit but the loud inelegant way is just as quick. Quickly climb up the hole above you, and sprint directly to your right. Slide under the gap and then keep sprinting into the next room. In the room with the lever, just wait for one of the chefs to catch you or get near to you and restart checkpoint; you’ll actually spawn in the same room and with no chefs on your tail. Jump up, activate the lever the other way, and wait at the window. A chef will come in, and you can jump quickly out of the window, then to the left to slide into the gap we were in before. If you’re not confident with this, or keep dying, activate the lever and hide in the left corner under the long, long table before crawling to the gap. Either way, get to the gap we were in before and just wait until the coast is clear, climb to the table and then up the huge pile of dishes. They’ll see you, but they won’t be able to ever reach you. Wait for a hook to come and hold on for dear life with R2.

Keep holding on with R2 through the washing area, and then through the room with the lever until you reach a third and final room with three carts of plates. Drop off of the hook into these plates, and get ready to run for a chase scene finale (this is one of the most frustrating parts of the game, which you might get first time or 20th depending on luck). Run to the right away from the chef, slide under the table, and keep running forward to the boxes with hooks running above them. A chef will throw a wine bottle at you, but don’t worry about it. When on this platform, wait for a very brief amount of time on the left edge until the first possible hook is above you and latch onto it, holding on with R2. Wait too long, and you’ll die. This bit is EXTREMELY temperamental, but this is the best method to go by. Simply hold onto the hook and drop off onto the pipe when you are at the top, moving through the hole for the end of the chapter and:

Chapter 4: The Guest Area

This chapter has significantly less hiding and is more or less full of scripted chase sequences.

Before doing anything else when you spawn, go to the left and through the hole to find gnome #10/13 that needs hugging’ and lantern #19/20 which needs lighting. Note: if you read the overview and tips tab(s) you'll have seen that I mentioned that if you have played casually first and are looking to "mop up" collectables then there is 1 gnome that can be difficult to find via Chapter Select. It is this one! Although technically in Chapter 4, loading Chapter 4 will take you beyond this point. To get this via Chapter Select, I'm afraid you must play through the entirety of Chapter 3 again. Anyway, after this, move back onto the pipe, and move right. This pipe is pretty difficult to traverse due to the depth 2.5D mechanics of the game. I recommend just taking it slow. Eventually, you’ll be able to climb up a super long ladder. Ascend. You’ll be able to move right, and through a very bright light contrast change to the outside of the ship. Jump and climb up the very long sequence of chains, guttering, piping etc. (never letting go of R2) until you crawl through a gap at the top of the ship. Cross the metal beam, enter the next gap and a small loading screen will appear.

Once loading and dropping down automatically, pull the wooden plank and enter the hole, then traverse the trickiest pipe in the game. I really recommend taking this one slow. Eventually, you’ll get to a wooden platform, and climb up the wooden veranda to the top. At the top, just run across all of the light fixtures to the other side, then sprint through the first room, and again through the second room.

Once we enter the third, a chase sequence will appear. You might want to pause a moment and read this section as we will also be farming an trophy. “Elusive” (which is a secret trophy) requires you evade enemies 10 times. This means that you need to let enemies see you, go for you, and still escape them. By this point you might have anywhere from 5-8 evasions, and the rest is extremely easy to farm here. Anyway, when the chase sequence begins a fat guy will chase you whilst slowly crawling on the floor. Stay close to him and let him try and grab you, but not close enough that he actually does. If it worked, you'll see an autosave symbol at the bottom right of the screen. Each time, it will count as an evasion and you can get 2/3 before you even get to the window. If you don’t get it by the time you reach the window at the end of the room, reload the checkpoint as many times as necessary repeating the above method until you unlock:

Once you’ve gotten the trophy and gotten through you’ll reach yet another room, where you should still be on alert. Climb up onto the stool, then onto the high stack of plates. Like at the end of chapter 3, climb these plates, then take a breather before trying to jump on the lamp to your right (above the fat woman). If you don’t take a breather, there is a good chance you won’t make the jump and she’ll catch you. When on the lamp, swing back and forth until you have enough momentum to make the jump.

In the next will be a long table of diners. Run to the right and you’ll see a gnome guy running past you. Run to the very right wall, pull the stool away so you can crawl in, and hug gnome #11/13. Then, light lantern #20/20 right by him. If you have been following along up to this point, you should unlock:

Don’t worry too much if you missed a few as there are at least five left in plain view.

Head back left and climb the stool opposite the eating guest facing the screen. Climb up to the table and prepare for another trial and error chase. Please note that this is probably the most difficult section to explain via text. You will basically by running and jumping in a zig-zag formation to avoid to sets of guests and their greedy hands. Upon climbing onto the table keep sprinting the entire time and whilst doing so run and jump towards the rear left, then to the front left, then to the rear left, and then to the front left again, before reaching some boxes. You will probably die the first time, but keep at it and eventually, you’ll understand the timing and what is required (respawn is under the table, anyway, so it isn’t far). Once you’ve cleared the table, jump on the boxes, wait to gather your stamina, run, jump and grab the fencing on the left wall and traverse up. At the top jump right to the ceiling fixture, and then onto the floor to your right.

Once on the floor, you’ll see a pot on your left, and then a tiny bench with a banister above it. Climb up said bench and banister, and (you guessed it) sprint as far as you can to the left, into the next room; then keep sprinting, run and jump and grab the lamp to Tarzan over the gap.

The next section we will need to slowly run forward until the fat guy at the end of the table notices us. Then double back and now sprint to right. When in the mini alcove area, jump onto the boxes, onto the fatty’s back and sprint left towards the left wall, jumping for extra speed, and slide under the gap in the wall.

To through the grate and run forward towards the screen, around the corner and left to the washroom. As soon as you enter, hide in the box in the foreground, to the right. Just patiently wait for him to leave. As he does, he’ll smash the door shut and a can and toilet roll will drop from the shelf above you. Pick up the can, approach the mirror and throw it at the mirror to smash it up. Then climb up the wooden grate, through the metal grate and across the pipes. Again, these pipes are treacherous so proceed with caution. Continue all the way along the pipes to the right wall to the end of the pipe. Drop down, and you should find doll #8/10 to throw and break. Then run to the elevator.

At the top of the elevator do not go to the right as one might naturally be inclined to do. Instead go left, through the gap in the wall, go into the room in the foreground and find gnome #12/13 in plain sight. Hug him. You may as well consider the trophy done, as the last gnome will be appearing very shortly and is story related, which is where the trophy will pop if you have collected 12 up to this point.

Anyway, not quite there yet. For now, go back to the right as you might have naturally done before and be prepared for the last big chase of the game. Sprint across the corridor, past all the double doors and jump every now and then for a little extra boost (don’t overkill, or you’ll go slower). In the second room, go under the table. In the next corridor, jump down the stairs, run across the first set of drawers and climb the 2nd before climbing onto the table. Now just run, being careful to stick closer to the foreground than the background where there are hands waiting to eat you. At the end of the table jump, grab the lamp mid-air and hold on until you are above land, letting go. Now, you can breathe. There is a lantern here if you still need one. Move through the gap.

The next section is story related. Just keep moving forward to the right and embrace the gnome. This will be gnome #13/13, our final one, which is unmissable, and you should unlock the following trophy after a brief cut scene

Well…moving on…climb up the boxes, move to the right and ascend the wooden planks. You’ll see a Geisha enter a lift; don’t worry, she can’t spot you. Instead of following her to the right, first go to the left to find doll #12/13. Smash and move to the right. Pick up the can in the right corner in the foreground, throw it at the elevator button, and head inside to finish off the chapter. You will unlock

Chapter 5: The Lady’s Quarters

Welcome to the fifth and final chapters of this wonderfully horrific journey, which also happens to be by far the shortest. There is also only 1 collectable; our tenth and final geisha doll.

Upon loading, exit the elevator and head to the right, all the way up all the stairs, and through the door.

In the next room you can sprint up until the mannequins enter the foreground (just before, if you want to be safe), but at that point, you must sneak past the geisha. Any other form of movement and you will instantly die. When you enter the bedroom, you can run again. Head to the bedside table on the back-left, and smash the white pot. Take the key that was inside, and run back through to the room the geisha was in. You can sprint now because she is nowhere to be seen. On the very table she was at, take with pleasure the final doll #10/10 and smash the hell out of it, unlocking

  • Rascal

    Little vandal, little beast, The Maw will punish you at the feast.


Sprint down the stairs and open the door with the key. Move through the room to the right, running normally. At some point, the geisha will rather creepily just appear to the left-hand side and follow you. Save your sprint for here. Sprint to the hole in the wall and slide under it. You can die here if you’re not careful.

After the hole, you’re safe. Run up the stairs, and now its just the final boss battle. Move all the way over to the right-hand wall, quite close to the foreground, to see a wooden plank. Rip it off, and grab the mirror that is on the wall. Then head left through where you entered.

Next is the boss battle itself. Essentially, you’ll just need to run to the light circles, wait and quickly hold the mirror up to the Geisha in the direction she is moving towards you from to harm her. You need to do this 6 times. The 1st and 2nd circles she instantly comes at you, the 3rd and 4th she loops around you a few times first before making her move, and the 5th and 6th are also instant. On the 6th one (Six, get it?) She will die. Upon regaining control, move up to her to “embrace” her.

After the game loads and you’re in control again, simply walk forwards across a corridor and up a flight of stairs for about 2-3 minutes until the game finishes. At this point, the game is over and you will unlock

On the next Page, we will cover the final trophy in the game.

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