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PlayStation 3

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Most Earned

Sigil Of Time
Sigil Of Time15TrophyTypeFreeze and manipulate time in order to force your way through rips in reality. Use it wisely, for it is a power that can overcome great challenges when seeking the light... or chaos.
Sigil Of Motion
Sigil Of Motion30TrophyTypeMake the world tremble and the heavens shatter from within the shadows. The power to manipulate your environment has been unveiled and will prove essential in your struggles with nature.
Sigil Of Chaos
Sigil Of Chaos30TrophyTypeChaos inhabits every fiber of the universe. Unleashing this power has obliterated the obstacles before you and will release you into nature.
Sigil Of Nature
Sigil Of Nature31TrophyTypeThe force of nature has brought odd life to an even more unusual environment. Remember what you have learned here and it may be useful to you in the future.

Least Earned

Greetings To Farbrausch
Greetings To Farbrausch17TrophyTypeFarbrausch is a demogroup famous for using procedural techniques for creating textures, scenes, and animations in their productions. "Werkzeug" which is their demotool, successfully started a new era of tools, separating coders from artists, thus speeding up production process. Together with "Werkzeug" came V2, a high-quality software synthesizer that was already adopted by other groups respecting its values. Farbrausch is mostly known for "Candytron", "The produkkt", "The Popular Demo" and recently released "Debris".
Greetings To The Black Lotus
Greetings To The Black Lotus17TrophyTypeThe Black Lotus is an old Amiga group with a very distinctive, monumental style, influencing other groups including Plastic. They've managed to beat 2 Ghz computers with a classic 66 Mhz Amiga and a demo called "Starstruck".
Greetings To RGBA
Greetings To RGBA17TrophyTypeRGBA is a Spanish group known mostly for their 64-kilobyte and their recent 4-kilobyte productions. They are also well known for breaking the mold in 4-kilobyte graphics. Plastic is especially dedicated to sending their greetings to RGBA for their remake of "195/95" demo.
Greetings To Conspiracy
Greetings To Conspiracy17TrophyTypeConspiracy is a Hungarian group that specializes in creating 64-kilobyte intros. As the first group in demoscene history, they've managed to show their real-time production "Chaos Theory" together with other offline, pre-processed animations at SIGGRAPH 2007. This intro has also received a award.
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