Life of Black Tiger Trophies

Full list of all 12 Life of Black Tiger trophies - 8 bronze, 3 silver and 1 gold.

  • Human hunting

    They are relaxing on the frozen river. Hunt them and their hunting dogs.

  • Fate

    A female tiger appeared suddenly and she is helping me. Let’s eliminate the boss wolf with the female tiger.

  • Happy hunting

    Today is the happiest day in my life. I’m not alone, but with the female tiger for hunting. Let’s hunt rabbits with her.

  • Fish hunting

    The female tiger doesn’t seem to be good. Let’s hunt fish for her health.

  • A new family

    Today is my best day. My female tiger is pregnant. Let’s hunt a nourishing game for her.

  • Searching for mushrooms

    The female tiger was injured by the bear. I need mushrooms to cure her. Let’s find mushrooms and cure her.

  • My loving family

    Let’s take the female tiger and my little baby in the forest. I’ll teach the path in the forest to my baby.

  • Crocodile hunting

    my baby became ill. He should eat a meat of crocodile to be cured. Let’s hunt a crocodile.

  • Crazy wild dogs

    Crazy wild dogs by starving followed the smell of my baby and threatening my family. Let’s defeat them with the female tiger.

  • Human hunting2

    Silly human set fire in the forest to kill me. The female tiger should protect my baby. So I’ll defeat them by myself.

  • The dream of human

    The vicious tiger is going to kill my mother again. I should rescue my mother even in my dream. Let’s kill the black tiger.

  • The female tiger

    The black tiger was roped in as expected. Let’s find the baby tiger and its mother, and capture the baby and kill its mother.