2. Life Is Strange 2 General hints and tips


The controls for Life is Strange 2 are very simple and are as follows:

cn_LS – Move

cn_RS – Move camera

cn_R2 – Run/walk faster

cn_RSc – Refocus the camera

cn_LSc – switch camera shoulder

cn_X – interact

cn_O – Interaction with Daniel

cn_T – Observe and commentate on an object or person

cn_R1 – Skip dialogue (when replaying a chapter)

cn_start – pause the game

Dualshock pad – Open backpack (you will see your current objectives listed on the left)

cn_R1 / cn_L1 – When in the backpack menu, cycle through to phone, journal, and souvenirs.


Collectables in Life is Strange 2 take the form of souvenirs that you will find throughout the world. You can check out any collectables you have previously collected, equip them to decorate your bag and get some hints for the locations of missed collectables within the souvenirs tab of the backpack by looking at the outline and background of the collectable.


You can replay a previously completed episode by selecting ‘Play Episode’ from the main menu. Select the episode you want to play and you will be taken to a menu listing the different chapters for the episode. Here you will be able to see the numbers of collectables for each chapter and how many of them you have managed to collect.

If you want to pick up the collectables in a chapter but don’t want to change the decisions and interactions you have already made, select collectable mode by hitting cn_T and ‘enjoy a road trip free of consequences!

If you want to replay a chapter and change the decisions and choices you made, you can restart the game from the chapter by pressing cn_X. You can choose a different save slot to keep your initial game save.


There are two types of decisions within Life is Strange 2; minor and major. Minor decisions may occur when you choose a certain line of dialogue in a conversation or interact with an object within the world. Making these decisions will affect your story further down the line, and the consequences of these actions may not be immediately obvious. You will know you have made a minor decision when you see the small dog running with a larger dog animation after an interaction.

It will be obvious when you are about to make a major decision; the game will pause and the different choices you can make will be split across the screen. These decisions are not timed; you will have as long as you need to really think your decision over before selecting an option.


There will be lots of objects and people to interact with in the world, so observe everything with cn_T and discuss things with Daniel with cn_O. Don’t forget to pop back and check Sean’s journal and phone every now and again, as you will find more interesting texts and diary entries have appeared.

Now it's time to begin the game. And remember, your actions will have consequences…

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