Lichdom Battlemage Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed169,326
    04 Feb 2019
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    Lichdom has a lot of promise. Which is annoyingly ruined by a game engine that can't actually run the game in the first place.

    Framerates can drop so low that a simple boss fight is too much for it to handle. It's not the boss itself, but the amount of adds the game throws at you, bogs down an enjoyable fight. Sometimes you'll be running along and the game will freeze and all of a sudden you'll be pointing in the other direction.

    It's worth pointing put that it used to be worse than this, but it's still almost unplayable.

    The story is a boxstandard, randomly chosen good guy/girl/person, sent to destroy the evil mages and fantastical monster that they spawn. It's a boring storyline to say the least, but behind all that is an actual good basis for a decent RPG. Gameplay (when it's working) is pretty fun, you unlock Sigils every level. You have your agressive ones (Fire, Electricity, corruption), then control (Ice, Telekinesis). Okay, so it sound a little BioShock-y, but it does play with the idea of combination of effects well.

    What it does differently to BioShock, is the idea of creating spells within the sigils. You can craft your own (which is highly recommended) or stick with the ones the game gives you. You pick up components of spells from fallen enemies and combine them in the menu, which you bizzarely open with the R3 button, and not only that, you can craft augamentations to make yourself stronger.

    What's annoying is that Lichdom Battlemage has the ability to be fun and engaging within gameplay, but the shockingly poor framerate and engine bugs ruin the entire endever. What might shock you more is that the game is built on CryEngine, yes the same one that Crysis runs on, and although the engine has always had strange problems here and there during CryTek's life. The developer of Lichdom seem to have wanted to one up the company that built it.

    A game with a good basis for a new First Person RPG, ruined by the execution.