Let's Sing 2016 (Asia)

PlayStation 4

Let's Sing 2016 (Asia) Trophies

Most Earned

Hello!16TrophyTypeFinish a song
Good luck!
Good luck!16TrophyTypeStart Expert mode
In tandem!
In tandem!16TrophyTypeStart Pass the mic mode
Memory lapse?
Memory lapse?16TrophyTypeStart By Heart mode

Least Earned

Let's Sing 2016 legend
Let's Sing 2016 legend212TrophyTypeObtain all the Let's Sing 2016 trophies
Born for the stage
Born for the stage106TrophyTypeUnlock all the game modes for all songs
Survive at all costs
Survive at all costs34TrophyTypeFinish a song in Elimination mode
Pro34TrophyTypeGet 10 "PERFECT" in a row in Expert mode
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